Wednesday, September 25

A Beautiful Place to Retreat In Luxury!

What a beautiful light filled room! It feels so soothing and centred. Love the mirror behind the bedside table (I assume there's a matching one on the other side).

I'd like to spend a luxurious retreat holiday here. Mmmmmm, I can really see that if I close my eyes and dream!

Linda. xox


  1. It's maybe because it is friday and I am really tired, but I've been staring at that bed for a whole minute! How inviting is it? It looks fresh and warm at the same time. I love the mirror even if I find mirrors in bedrooms disturbing for some reason. Feng Shui bans mirrors in bedrooms and I agree...maybe the reflection of light and object add confusion. Not that without a mirror in my bedroom there isn't any mess, ha ha!!

  2. I've been trying to find something for ages to go over my bed (there's a blank wall where I moved a canvas away), and a mirror would go perfectly. BUT, the Feng Shui has stopped me putting one there as I know it's supposed to be bad! I'll find what I'm looking for one day!!

    I hope you had a great weekend and had time to catch up on sleep and relax! xox


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Linda. xx

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