Saturday, August 25

I Have A Strange Fascination For This Room....

I have a strange fascination with this room.

It's quite staged, and yet I'm still sort of a little bit - maybe even a lot - in love with it.

Image from the awesome Marcus Design via Nam Dang Mitchell

I'm quirky by nature, (or whacky as someone called me last week), so maybe the oddball ottoman is tickling my fancy?

More likely it's just the overall feeling of a room that's capable of cocooning and nurturing you. I think the walls may have something to do with that.

The rug placement is also a bit off for me, or perhaps it's the size of that sleigh bed/lounge?

None-the-less, I can still envision myself holed up there for a day by the open fire with a good book to hand.

What do you think of it?

Linda. xox


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  1. I'm afraid your alone on the ottoman. We won't be fighting over who can have that one lol.
    I do love the walls and the coffee table. It is a beautiful room - minus the sheep.

  2. Aaah, but you see JA, I think maybe I have some kind of weird fascination with the sheep thing....

    If you look at that link, you'll see what I mean!

    Maybe it's because I was brought up in sheep farming country - lol.

  3. Oooo, I LOVE that sleigh day bed! Mind you, it should either have been fully ON that rug, or not on it at all. I'm fussy that way. I do love the rug, I had one just like it in my last home, on a floor that colour.

    I have to confess I quite like the sheep thing too. Would be a nice quirky touch! Same re the ottoman. I don't really like the big art work and I'm no fan of the chandelier/lamp - but I do agree, in a way the room does really work and I could see myself lying there, reading/writing and lazying about!


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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