Thursday, August 23

A Home Amongst The Trees - I Want To Live Here...Plus, Here Comes The Tiny Tidy Challenge.... Get on Board While It's Free!

Look at this.... a home amongst beautiful trees.

That's it - I'm sold.

Pics from Nicety via At Home Arkansas

Trees are so calming and soothing to me. I used to spend hours either sitting in them, under them, or leaning up against them when I was young. There's something about having a tree at your back that's so grounding and comforting.

I also love the stonework in this home, so textural and solid.

This house would be a dream for me (it just needs a very teeny tiny bit of red here and there, although - shock horror - I think I could cope without it in this house).

Linda. xox

Oh, and by the way, the Tiny Tidy Challenge is nearly here!


Yes, I'm close to launching this little motivational experience.

It will soon be Spring over here, the perfect time for some gentle decluttering. But Autumn is a good time to clear out a few things too, so you can feel content and joyful as you get ready to nestle into your beautiful home for Winter.

Either way, and no matter which side of the World you're on, we're going to get together and have some fun (yes indeedy - fun), getting rid of a few bits and pieces that are getting in the way of your home putting its best foot forward.

If you sign up this time around, it's FREE!!

Places are going to be capped at 50 (if we get there), so be sure to get in early.

Find out more here, or click on the banner below.

Love your home and love yourself  Tiny Tidiers!

Pssssst, and another little nugget of info for you... everyone who joins us for the Challenge will go into a draw for a lovely prize, and no, it won't have anything to do with de-cluttering. This one is for celebrating!!!



  1. Oh yes I'm sold too. It looks big enough so that we could move in together and have our shares. You could add some touch of red, I could add some turquoise. We would both add cat hair. I would put some of my clutter around so that you declutter and teach me.
    Look at that bathtub. The terrace. Oh please, who lives here? Can I be adopted?
    bobbi xox

    1. I'm sold on that scenario above, sounds glorious to me!!!

  2. I also grew up with trees all around me. Everytime I go back to my childhood home, I hear the sound of the trees, their branches and leaves rustling in the wind. I suppose thats why I like the sound of wind and rain. I also joined up for your TT challenge...although I declutter on a regular basis, there are still parts of my home that are cluttered and disorganised, looking forward to it.
    Mrs B xxx

    1. I love the sound of rustling trees! Thanks for joining the Challenge!

  3. Oh yes, I've been meaning to ask you when the TTC would start - I'm still game!

    Lovely home - only thing missing is the ocean or a lake... ;-)

    1. A lake would be really lovely. :)

      That makes me, you, Bobbi, Mrs B, and a few others for the Challenge so far - yay!!!!!!


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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