Monday, July 16

Monday Mojo - Finding Contentment....

I think contentment is HARD.

Such a simple concept, and yet the thing that seems the trickiest to get a handle on in any consistent fashion.

I think being grateful and approaching life with an attitude of thankfulness helps a lot, and I sometimes have to take myself to task and remind myself how lucky I am when I'm having a down day or a shitty moment.

I have a cosy little home, things I love around me, a wonderful family, supportive friends, and a cool cat! I get to do things I enjoy (read, sing, perform, decorate, design, write), and I'm free to express who I am in a way that makes me happy.

Sure I don't have a big mansion, heaps of money, a glamorous car, a wardrobe full of expensive clothes and too many pairs of shoes to count....... but I am SO lucky to have what I do.

And, it is enough.

And, when I sometimes feel it isn't enough, I think that's more an indication of a part of me that's not being fulfilled in relation to my heart and soul, rather than permission to go out and get more stuff to try and fill the void. (Although, a little bit of shopping therapy does happen on occasion!)

Do you struggle with contentment?

Let's hope we all find some this week, and may your mojo be with you!

Linda. xox


  1. Life it's hard. It's supposed to be simple and fun but we always get caught up by a million of stupid things that makes everything difficult. I think the big secret to life is to keep things simple as much as you can, get rid of negative people and make grateful lists. I do that every evening. I sit in my thinking corner ( the staircase that goes to the first floor ) and make a list of all the things that made me feel good during the day, or all the things I'm glad I have. It works.

    I wanted to add your button but I can't see it anymore...

  2. I love the idea of a thinking corner, sounds great! I make gratitude lists too, I think they help alot. I need to do it more.

    I'm glad you brought up the button! I was changing the side bar around a week or so ago, and forgot to put the image for that page back on again - yikes! If you click on the 'I Believe In Home' button (which I just put back on) it'll take you to the page with the other button as well. Thanks for bringing it up - don't know how I missed it! Duh.

  3. I feel contentment often but it is always tinged with worry. I worry about many aspects of my life and my family but most of it is out of my control. I am surrounded mostly by wonderful positive friends but often it is the negative, energy sucking family member that can bring you down. Beautiful blog Linda, I love coming over here to read.
    Mrs B xxx

  4. Mrs B, it's hard not to worry isn't it? I'm a worrier too. I've learned to 'let things go' a bit more over the years where it's pointless to worry, but I have to work at it.

    Energy sucking people of any kind are not good to have around and that's another thing I'm getting better at putting a stop to. I have to grab the guilt that lurks about not wanting some people around because they're so negative and just chuck it out.... guilt gets us nowhere and just keeps us mired in unhelpful thought patterns alot of the time I reckon.

    As I've gotten older I think I've come to understand more how important it is that I put myself first and be true to what my intuition is telling me I need to do for myself. After all, if I take better care of myself, the people I want around me get to experience a better and happier me, and that's gotta be good for all of us.

    Learning to say 'no' when I don't want to do something or be with someone has been a very freeing experience for me! Respecting my needs no longer feels like I'm being selfish and horrible.


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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