Tuesday, July 10

A Dreamy and Opulent Apartment In St. Petersburg

In Winter time I find my interior design cravings leaning towards easy elegance, lots of fabric, softness, and anything that makes me feel cocooned in comfort. I just want to feel that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you can hibernate away from the cold in a place you love to be.

I found these images of a wonderful St. Petersburg Apartment by Anton Valiev over on Fresh Home.

All images here on Fresh Home

I love its opulence and the swathes of fabric. I'm shivering through my dreary days over here in Aus, and these rooms would be lovely to come home to at the end of another rain and wind filled day.

That bed would be wonderful to snuggle up in and read a good book, and I can definitely see myself sitting at that desk and putting pen to paper.

Linda. xox


  1. Oh my goodness - that really IS a dream apartment! That floor, that wallpaper, that bath tub! I love the whole colour scheme - too gorgeous!

    It's still a funny notion to me that you on the other side of the world are in the dead of winter, whereas we are (or should be!) at the height of summer! So far a very wet and dreary summer... unless you're in Italy, where a reliable source tells me it's so hot you could melt! ;-)

  2. Oh and I know it's probably just MY one-track mind but I do wonder about that telescope... ;-)

  3. Yes, I heard it was hot in Italy from that same reliable source ;)

    It has been a very cold Winter here, the sort we have not had here in Ballarat for around 8 years, but what would probably be considered a traditional Ballarat Winter.

    You're not the only one with a one track mind either - haha!!

    Linda. xox

  4. Hi Linda
    What a dreamy, beautiful and restful apartment. I could never be upset or angry in an apartment like this, what very peaceful people who must live here.
    Mrs B xxx

    1. Agreed Mrs B, very restful and soothing. I just added you to my blog roll too..... should have done it ages ago!

      Linda. xox

  5. The reliable source from Italy confirms. It's hot. We had a little break yesterday but today it's even hotter. Still, I wouldn't trade this hot summer for your winter for anything in the world. Sorry.
    This apartment is superb. Looks opulent without being too much. Classy classy. And you know that whenever there is a wooden floor I'm sold.


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Linda. xx

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