Wednesday, June 27

What A Beautiful Lion...

Here's a simply beautiful photo I'd love to have on my wall.

Image from Heaven


Linda. xox


  1. What a beautiful, beautiful picture! I feel like I can touch this Lion. It is one of my dream to pet one big cat. I want to go to that buddhist monastery where they keep tigers and you can pet them and play with them, just imagine what sound they make when they purr!
    I want this image on my all too. It's powerful and sweet at the same time.
    bobbi xx

  2. Oh yes, playing with the big cats at a buddhist monastery would be amazing! Their purring would be like a motor!

  3. Oh, how gorgeous... did you ever see that YouTube film of two men who cared for a lion for a long time and then set it free? They came to visit him in his new habitat quite some time later, and the lion came running to them and literally hugged them! They were all so happy to see each other again, it was the most amazing thing.

    When are we going to that monastery again?? ;-)


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Linda. xx

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