Wednesday, June 27

How Fabulous Are These Shelves Made From Vintage Luggage?

These are SO me!

I would so love some of these in my home.

I think they're majorly awesome!

Of course, you mightn't want to dismantle your favourite luggage and use them this way, but I think it's a brilliant idea.

On 'The Block' (TV show over here for those not in Aus), I also loved it when Sophie used old suitcases like these as drawers in her storage unit. She took off the lids and had the bottom slide in and out of the shelf via the handles.

It looked fab and had a lot to do with them winning the room challenge that week I think.

Linda. xox


  1. this would be great for my cd collection. I wouldn't put books on them, they would distract from the beauty of this luggage/shelves, but my cd collection would look great! I went in such for some vintage suitcases like this for the shop but didn't find anything decent. I also like the mid century drawer below!!

  2. I LOVE the whole look and feel of vintage luggage - and I adore shelves that are a little out of the ordinary, so these really 'sing to me'! I love the whole look of that room by the way...

  3. That is so creative and effective. I love it:)

    1. Hi JA!! So good to see you! Sorry I've been absent lately over on the decorating forum.... so time poor at the moment, but miss you guys over there.


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