Wednesday, January 18

Looking At Some Gorgeous Cushions In A Friend's Home...

The other day I was absolutely drooling over a couple of cushions on the ByNord website. I must have deliberated for around half an hour before deciding to not buy them at the moment. I already have stacks upon stacks of cushions (need to clear some out), and I have other priorities at the moment so far as things for my home go.

But, boy oh boy, did those cushions look good! They have two of my favourite animals on them, and the photography is breath-taking.

Then, today, I skipped over to my friend Sacha's glorious blog and to my surprise (huge intake of breath when I saw them).... she has the EXACT cushions I was not so eloquently drooling over earlier.

WOW - love them!

Not to mention the rest of Sacha's beautiful and serene home. Her rooms are full of the most wonderful light and you can feel the calmness and serenity flowing from the images. A beautiful home to cocoon yourself in.... to sit by the fireside and read a good book.

Pop over to Sacha's blog for some more gorgeous photos of her home.

Linda. xox

--> Don't forget to read the comments... this is where some of the most interesting discussions and fab information is to be found!! The ones for this post have some great 'bookish' moments and some good talk about colour therapy!



  1. Oh goodness - should have KNOWN you had your eyes on those as well! I knew about the 'owl thing' obviously - but how amazing that you turn out to have 'a thing' for foxes as well! Saw these in a shop window in November and stopped dead in my tracks. Had to have 'em . had to.

    So glad you like my house! I'm always happy when people like it - especially those I know to have good tastes! You know I love your's too - it has such a warm & welcoming air about it. I want to do a quote thing too but still pondering where/how etc.

    I'll also respond to your comment on my blog - right now hurrying to get some food before my lunch break is over! ;-)


    1. Awwww - glad you think I have good taste!!! You certainly do - fabulous!

      The 'foxy' thing started (I think) way back the first time I read The Weirdstone of Brisingamen when I was little. There's a passage in there about the foxes of the wood wiping away the tracks of the group that was being pursued by way of rolling and playing in the snow with each other amongst the pines. It really stuck with me and I paid more attention to foxes after that whenever I saw them in pictures or occasionally real life, and I grew to have a real 'thing' about them.

      OK.... I had to go get my very old book off the shelf and look it up (I know you know the book too.....)

      'Down the path through the forest two slim shadows moved. Coming to the trampled snow, and the trail leading under the branches, they stopped, and sniffed. And then they began to roll and frolic all around; two foxes sporting on a winter hill-side. When every trace of human feet was obliterated, they set off down the trail, throwing the snow into confusion as they fought.

      The sound of their approach reached the dwarfs' ears, and they waited, sword in hand, for whatever was drawing near. Then the foxes tumbled into sight, and landed on their haunches, side by side, flecked with snow, their red tongues lolling, and their sharp eyes narrowing, in a wicked, panting grin.

      For a while they sat there, and Durathor was about to speak, but they flung up their tails, and streaked away downhill.

      "Thank you," said Fenodyree quietly.
      "Why?" said Colin. "What were they doing?"
      "Covering our tracks rather well, I reckon," said Gowther. "Now yon's what I call clever."
      "And the scent of a fox is stronger than that of either men or dwarfs," said Durathor, smiling.
      He smiled again, alone to himself in the night while the others slept, when he heard the baying of the hounds pass over the hill, and fade into the far distance.'

    2. Ahhh.....(contented sigh). Wonderful, glorious, magical book! Thanks for that!! One of the best and most well-remembered books of a childhood that was full of books - so for one to stand out it had to be pretty special! I can't get over the fact you know it too - and that the foxes bit 'stuck' with you as well!

      I'm so excited about your new job!! You're right - you will be able to combine all your strengths with this! I can just hear you tell people who they should visualize the place with a new look and how they could overcome things they're not particularly keen on. Fab!! xx

    3. HOW they should visualize - not 'who'... sigh.

    4. Yes, a magical book indeed!

      I really will enjoy helping people find the home of their dreams. :)

      The only thing that made me um and aah about doing the real estate (because I know the hours will be longer than what I've been doing) was whether or not I'd be able to keep up my blog and getting the courses organised. It took me a long time to mull that one over. In the end I decided to go for it, but I'll have to monitor how I'm going. The blog and more importantly the courses are of utmost importance to me and something I feel I MUST do.

      Lots of challenges ahead!

      Linda. xoxox

  2. You two were separated at birth I think!
    Linda, two of my walls in my living area are already turquoise, but I'm needing a stronger shade these days. I'd like to know what it means, because I know it means something. And thank you for your wonderful words.
    I never heard of this book! I probably know the italian title, but today wikipedia is closed! I'm reading a lot of my favorite books from childhood lately. It takes me little time, and it's good to have those feeling back.
    And yes, Sasha's place is really serene and beautiful. How fun you set eyes on the same pair of cushion, but from the other side of the planet! Small world!

    1. And yes - how funny is that we live in a different hemisphere but drool over the EXACT same cushions and love the EXACT same book??

      I'm not sure Brisingamen was ever translated in Italian - do you know Linda? It would be so worth reading it - I'm reading many childhood favourites now too - even preparing a post on it actually (not Brisingamen).

    2. No, I don't know about the translation into Italian. How gorgeous it would sound in Italian though!

    3. Hey Bobbi, I think you'd be interested in Aura-Soma Colour Consulting! A consultant would soon tell you all about your need for turquoise and what it means. I've always been interested in their colour therapy, and considered doing the training, but there was none offered near me. It's reasonably expensive too I think, and I knew I wouldn't get many people in my conservative old town interested in it. It's always fascinated me though. They're the ones who use the bottles with colour suspended in layers within them to work out what your subconscious is doing (put very basically).

      Linda. xox

    4. Thanks! I searched for it online and there is a very interesting site (only in Italian, unfortunately) where it's explained everything about the color you choose. You know I have never heard of Aura-Soma before? I'm into color therapy but not on this kind of terms. You are like an encyclopedia, Linda. Looks like I really need to change things! That'a, briefly, what the explanation was about. I'm creative and versatile also. I just got a lot of compliments from a website. Wherever they come from, they're very welcome. My self esteem is grateful.

    5. Oh, so glad you found some interesting info about it. I thought you'd like it! And of course it would have something nice to say about you!


  3. Oh Bobbi - I'm a turquoise girl too, it's one of my absolute favourite colours. I have tons of cushions and throws and accessories in turquoise - but I put most of them away for now, to get them out again in summer. Hmmm, I DO wonder what it means now?? I love it that you have turquoise walls - but I do also like that mellow honey yellow you picked. Yeah, I know, I'm miss 'white walls' herself - but that doesn't mean I don't love colour too. You're too sweet about my house - thx for the lovely comments! xx

  4. Wow!! Those cushions are amazing ... I could do with a few of those gorgeous critters scattered around the house.


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