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The Aforementioned Article - Written Around Six Years Ago!

I'm back from school camp, and my muscles have recovered from various hiking, walking, running and beachy activities. I had serious aches for about 3 days afterwards due to the discovery of muscles I've obviously avoided using for about a decade! The kids all had heaps of fun and so did the staff!

So... back to the world of blogging!

Here's the article I mentioned in this post about my T.V. watching (or non-watching as the case may be) pledge. I wrote it quite a few years ago, around six I think, so it looks like I didn't listen to my own advice and 'step away from the T.V.', because I'm still faffing around about doing it now!

Time for some serious action me thinks!

If you watch the Dr Phil Show you’ll have heard his infamous saying "How’s that workin’ for ya?”

This is the question he asks people who are stuffing up their jobs, lives, relationships etc by doing something that’s obviously not working for them.

Except it’s not so obvious to them, and there-in lies the problem.

Another popular saying amongst motivational gurus also springs to mind...

‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten’.

Or, as Albert Einstein so beautifully put it…. 'The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results'.

So what are you doing that might be dragging you down and stopping you from forging ahead in leaps and bounds? What simple things could you change or remove to set you on a whole new path, or indeed make the one you’re on a whole lot easier?

Here’s a few little things that might be staring you in the face, yet flying beneath the radar.

The average person watches 3 to 4 hours of television a night. And the average person is not a monumental success. A coincidence - or not?

It’s not that TV itself is inherently bad, but the time it steals away from you is.

You could be doing so much more with that time… working on your business, spending quality time with your partner, exercising, reading, playing sport, learning a new skill, meditating, writing in your journal, planning a holiday, the list goes on.

Think of the TV shows you enjoy watching most. The characters always seem to lead exciting, thrilling, and dramatic lives. They’d rarely have time to fit watching television into their jam packed day. We’re fascinated by those whose lives are more adventurous than ours, we wish our own lives were more entertaining…. and yet there we sit in front of the TV, watching instead of doing.

So instead of automatically switching the TV on just for something to do, try picking 3 or 4 programs a week you really enjoy or find inspiring. Turn the TV on just before they start, and OFF when they're finished.

Email and procrastination. Two words that are intrinsically linked. Ever noticed how easy it is to get distracted for a whole afternoon by your email? Checking, reading, answering, checking, reading, answering, checking…. you get the message.

Yes your employer/customers/clients like emails answered quickly, but focusing obsessively on your email can seriously derail you from undertaking other productive activities.

Get a handle on the email monster and set aside specific times to tame it. Make your emails as brief as possible, and stop using it as an excuse for not taking care of those activities you’ve been putting off.

Preparation is recognised as one of the keys to success. But some people spend all their time preparing and never leave the gate. They read, research, make lists, draw up plans, create goals, read some more, talk to people, and go ’round and ’round in circles.

They gather all the gear they need to go swimming, but never dive into the pool. Half the time they’ve spent so long getting ready the pool’s dried up. Or, they dip a toe in, decide it’s not quite right, and more preparation ensues.

The folks at Nike have got it right.

It’s time to give up perpetually preparing.

Stop getting in the way of yourself, take a deep breath, and dive in. Every journey begins with the first step, and nothing begins until you begin it.

Just do it!

The road to success can be hard. Littering it with unnecessary roadblocks like television, email, procrastination, and over preparation is an easy (and often subconscious) way to avoid putting yourself on the line.

The average person rarely achieves excellence (hence why they are average), therefore if you seek greatness it makes no sense to do what the average person does.

So if what you’re doing isn’t working for you, do something else. Clearing your roadblocks to success could be as simple as thinking about what most ordinary people do, and then not doing it!


Hope you liked it!

Now... back to seeing what I can do about mitigating my T.V. watching habits (effectively this time).

Linda. xox



  1. Whoa - another metaphorical kick up the ass! ;-)
    You know something is true when it makes you feel slightly fidgety and uncomfortable I suppose!

    I especially like that Albert Einstein quote - I heard it before but didn't know he was the one who said it. Doesn't matter anyway - it's right on the mark whoever said it!

    It's true that if you want change to happen, you've get off that couch and be the change you crave and set things in motion rather than waiting for things to magically happen... easier said than done - but getting started and taking baby steps at first should get you there in the end?

    Now excuse me while I get comfy on the sofa for my favourite detective series on the tele... ;-D

  2. Welcome back linda and what a great article and so well written. I really enjoyed reading it and agree with you on everything.
    Thankyou for sharing.

  3. I should make my mom read this. She watches television for a massive amount of time, and I am quite sure it's one of the reason she is often depressed. Not enough walks out in the air, or creative time...
    I have two televisions but I turn them on only a couple of hours in the evening, I never use it as a companion or a time killer. When I want to be lazy and just lay around I don't watch tv ( or very rarely) I read old magazines and listen to the radio. Television is good if you are able to be in charge and actually plan your tv time to watch something you really enjoy and that gives you pleasure. It's dangerous when it become the substitute for other things. This said, the day the National Geographic channel wasn't working because of a big storm I totally freaked out.

  4. I have a love/hate relationship with television. More hate than love sometimes...a good book or some music is always a better choice for me. I have never been dependent from tv, even if I make a massive use of it as a monitor for when I watch movies...but movies are not tv, right?

  5. Hey Linda...
    You haven't posted for a few weeks and haven't "seen" you on the forum. Just checking in to see how you are..Hope you are well sweets...

  6. Hi Rosie,

    Thanks so much for leaving a comment and asking if I'm ok!! You're gorgeous! I'm still here... just been super, super busy and the online world has suffered a bit.

    I've been writing school reports, rehearsing every night for a play I'm in with Ballarat National Theatre that opens in a few days time, helping organise our school's Christmas Fest which has 1000s of people attend and is a huge event for Ballarat, rehearsing our school choir for end of year performances, working of course, and getting ready to do a complete career swap at the start of next year.... so quite a few loose ends to tidy up!!

    I've thought of you quite a few times over the last few weeks and wondered how you were going! You pop up in my thoughts quite often. :love it:

    I hope all is well with you and things are moving along with your house... I'll have to do a bit of reading and catch up!

    Big hugs,

    Linda. xox:

  7. I thought you would be busy with school and it sounds like you have some fun going on too which is great. Wish I lived closer would love to see your play....
    We are ok....trying to just get to the end of this house journey which is taking its toll on the family and we really need to move into the next phase of living as we've sacraficed too much family time. Hopefully by end of Jan we should be moving in. Might have to wait a bit for a few finishing touches as the funds are pretty much exhausted or I suppose I'll just have to pick up a few more bargains which is a task I am always up for.....

    Glad you are well hun :)


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Linda. xx

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