Thursday, October 13

Come Dine With Me - No. 19 - Simple Is Best, Don't You Think?

Isn't this dining room just pure simplicity itself?

I know it's big and a bit cavernous like the bedrooms in my previous post... but it has SO much more personality even though it's plain.... don't you think?

So soothing and rustically warm.

I can imagine very happy, free and exuberant times around a table like this.

I don't drink much... but this looks like a room for lots of lovely wine to me.

Plenty of room to dance too!

I'd still have to add quite a few soft, fabric, artistic and textural touches for it to work as part of a home for me though. Perhaps some nice greenery in pots somewhere too.

But, for those who adore it super simple... the focus on the rough walls and the heroic wood of the floors, chairs, and table top would be a real love affair.

And, as always, as a part of this series.....

Ask yourself: 'Do I savour the ritual of eating with my family/friends whenever I can?'

Which leads to: 'When, or how, can I include this precious time together more?'

Because: There's something so primitively delightful and bonding about the 'breaking of bread' (so to speak) with our loved ones. It's a ritual and a tradition that's been crowded out and lost amongst television, technology, and texting! It's time to 'get together' and connect the old fashioned way again.

Linda. xox



  1. With a fine Summer approaching Linda, we have already started to imbibe of alfresco dining with friends - its been wonderful and no one seems to want to go home - sure shows you are on the nail about sitting down to eat together !

  2. Wonderful simplicity, and I also love the light in this pic. Oh, I just noticed the's wood!! I want a wooden floor so badly, but it's not appropriate for a paint and cat addict like me.

  3. Gorgeous! I'm always amazed at how some people have the ability to design very minimalistic but warm rooms. Every time I try to clean up my spaces and create a more minimal space it drives me crazy and looks too designed.

    I guess I just need to embrace the fact that I'm a born collector and I need my pretty things around me :)

  4. I love this too and agree I would need a little bit more stuff in it. I fear my DH would think it needed a coat of paint but I can dream! I can imagine odd chairs being dragged in to accommodate the extras welcomed with beautifully simple and delicious food.

  5. Lee, you certainly have THE perfect surroundings on your lovely farm!!

    Bobbi - haha!! I'm a bit of a paint addict too... only one cat though. I do love wooden floorboards, but not everywhere and not without a rug here and there!

    Jenn, I love my pretty things too!

    Mamma Fish, that's exactly how I imagined it too... more chairs being dragged in higgledy piggledy (not sure how to spell those two words - lol), delicious and simple food, and just lots of laughter and relaxing times.


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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