Monday, August 8

Monday Mojo - Come On And Get It Onnnnnnn!

I just felt like some music this Monday morning to 'get my mojo on'!

I haven't posted a musical post for ages, and I'm having withdrawal symptoms a bit. If you're new here, my original post about why music is SO important in my home is a really good read (I reckon).

Music is one of the heartbeats of my home, and to do without it is like taking away a vital component of the life blood that runs through it.

I've had friends quite surprised by my musical tastes at times.

I don't 'look' or 'seem' like a person who would like 'that' sort of music (don't cha know).

Yes, I'm a deep and meaningful, philosophical, serious kinda girl. BUT, I also LOVE a good dance, have a whacky sense of humour, am extremely quirky, and love to get up on stage and perform..... so all sorts of music from early rock, to jazz, to classical, to musical theatre, to pop and hip-hop suit me just fine!

Music is one of the few things I can turn to in an instant to suit any mood I might be having, or as a tool to change my mood.

As such, it's also therefore one of the BEST parts of the 'atmospheric design' of my home. Painting a wall yellow might lift my mood out of the doldrums, but putting on my favourite 80s CD and bopping away in my lounge room is far less messy (unless I trip over the cat), and a heck of a lot faster!

This is what I felt like this morning......                              

Happy Monday morning everyone.                    

What do you feel like listening to today? Whatever it is, go 'get your groove on'...... and....

May your mojo be with you! 

Linda. xox



  1. ah ha, Linda, you disco girl!
    These days I'm back in love with Van Morrison...he's maybe my all time favorite. And i have a friend who is schooling me about country music via e-mails from Milan. He has the largest collection of cd a human can have: an entire room of his apartment is dedicated to cd only. Amazing. Not to mention the amount of books around the house. You would love his place. I have listened to so many country tracks in the last days, that a few nights ago I fell asleep while the cd was still playing and had a dream about riding a horse in a wide open space, like a cow girl! A wonderful dream.

  2. No judging from me...I'm like you, I love any and all kinds of music! And fortunately Miguel is even more obsessed so I get to take advantage of his music collection :)

    Jenn xo


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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