Monday, April 4

I Am SO Going To Do This....

Finding images like this one reminds me why putting wallpaper on a ceiling is on my list of things to do (decor wise) before I die.

It's been on there for a few years now. The little unit where I currently live probably isn't particularly suited to it, although I often dream of putting it in the toilet or somewhere really unexpected. Ha!

A room like this one though...... sigh.

I'm pretty darn sure everyone in the conservative city where I live would think I'd gone slightly nutty and do a rather rapid double take upon entering a room featuring it.

I'm also pretty darn sure they'd only have to look at it for a few moments to quietly admit it's amazing! (And, if they didn't - who cares!!!!!)

What do you think?

Would you do it?

Linda. xox



  1. Tell people in your conservative city that in Milan many people put wallperper even in bathrooms seiling!! And it looks marvellous. If I knew how to do it I would. But then I get easily bored and need to change color of my walls every couple of years: repainting a room is quite easy even by myself, scratching a wallpaper...not so much I guess. But I love it. In my parents house we used to have velvet walpaper in the living room, and my cats could climb the walls up to the ceiling. It was like living with SpiderCat!

    xox bobbi

  2. It looks marvellous I think, fits in beautifully and doenst seem to be a crazy thing to do at all when its subtle like that photo - gorgeous hall!
    But in a loo you could go for someting really over the top for fun - and who cares what anyone else thinks?
    In France the bedrooms in old fashioned provincial hotels always used to have virtually every surface papered with a strong, striking paper - backs of doors, wardrobes as well as the walls - and the effect was amazingly soothing to sleep in - for years I fancied doing that, and now in our new home my daughters bedroom has a huge bank of wooden wardrobe doors just crying out for something a bit exciting other than paint - so maybe??
    A good thought provoking post!!

  3. I have never seen this before!! But now that I have, I'm definitely going to try it someday :)

    I live in a rental so wallpaper isn't a possibility right now, but there are such great designs these days that I want to paper everything!

  4. I have never though of doing ceiling wallpaper but what an inspirational idea- great to find your blog!

  5. I wish I'd been to Milan Bobbi, sounds divine. Your parent's house sounds magnificent!!

    Gilly, I've been contemplating the wardrobe door idea too.... both outside and inside, so that when I open the doors I get a burst of colour and pattern to brighten up my day. I would so love that! It's a cheaper way to go too. Perhaps my French ancestory is why I'm so attracted to striking wallpaper of all sorts all over the place!!!!

    Jenn, I read somewhere how you could attach wallpaper to walls so that it would simply peel back off without leaving a mark. Great for a feautre wall or alcove or nice! It involved using double sided tape I think.

    Ren - so nice to meet you!!! Welcome. :)

    Linda. xox

  6. I think having wallpaper on the ceiling would be incredible ... it would be luxurious, surprising and completely delightful.


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