Saturday, March 26

Stepping Through The Door....

Happy weekend everyone!

Who knows what doors may open for you this weekend.

Who knows where they might take you if you stepped through.

If your door was leading to unknown, unexpected, and unusual (maybe even scary) places.... would you go?

Linda. xox



  1. Oh yes, I would go!! I love surprises and new possibilities, even when I am not sure what they are. In taking risk you gain something even when you loose.
    What a cute image!! I love blue doors, I wish I could paint alla the doors and windows in my house lilke that.
    Have a great week end too, Linda!!

  2. What a lovely image and fascinating question ... I think I would go through the door, but it would probably only happen after a very long internal discussion with myself ... haha, I tend to err on the side of risk aversion! ;)


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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