Friday, April 29

Fearless Fantasy Friday...

I found this short and truthful quote the other day whilst browsing one of my favourite blogs Belle Maison...

“Most people start out wanting to go for their fantasy, but end up painting their walls dove-white.”

- Raymond Boozer

I so loved it, that it's inspired me to start a new regular (or semi-regular) post entitled 'Fearless Fantasy Fridays'.

These posts will be to feature rooms where people haven't 'chickened out' and resorted to playing it safe at the last moment.

'Feel the fear and do it anyway' is my motto (and also the name of a great book by Susan Jeffers for those who like motivational reading).

You only live once.... and at the very least could try ramping up your wall colour. An adventure into bold walls only needs a new can of paint or some new wallpaper if it goes wrong!

Not the end of the world.

And, if you felt like taking a risk with the furniture, who could resist gorgeous purple chairs and an oversized purple lamp?

Viva la fantasy!

Linda. xox



  1. Wow, what a great idea for a series. I do admire those fearless decorators who aren't afraid to try anything. Even better, of course, when the result is fantastic but how to know if it's going to be great without trying at all? Reminds me of my bright orange walls I painted in my home. I honestly don't think I'll do that again, but it worked well and made me happy at the time. Looking forward to Fridays here on your blog!

  2. I especially love the accent colours here Linda, the gorgeous bright pops of purple and lime green. Looking forward to seeing more of your 'fearless friday' pics... wonderful idea.

  3. Those chairs and that lamp are amazing ... they bring such personality to the room.

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  6. Hey Minnie, I think an orange wall sounds fab! I am seriously contemplating painting a wall in my entrance area and a corresponding wall in my living area a yellow like the one you can see on the cushion in the pic of Frederick in the sidebar. It's between that and a paler gold colour at the moment!

    Michelle, I agree the pops of lime green are great! If you take them out by covering them with your hand or finger the room doesn't look anywhere near as fab.

  7. I left a previous comment that must have been gone lost into cyberspace...
    What I wrote is that this post is so much approriate for my house and what's happening in it at this moment. I had to squeeze some time in to do some retouches to my house, and I'm painting the kitchen top green. It was yellow before, but needed to be repainted so I thought to go for a different color. my house is more and more like Pippi Longstockings' house!

    is it already monday on your side of the world? have a great week Linda!
    xox bobbi

  8. I LOVE your motto - and this room!

    I resisted painting the walls of my home because it's a rental and I didn't want to re-paint it when we move...but I look forward to the day when I own my home and can experiment with paint and funky wallpaper!

    Jenn xo


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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