Friday, February 18

The Winner Of The One World One Heart Give-away Is......

Hello everyone!

A HUGE thank-you to all the lovely people who left comments on my One World One Heart post, it's been so lovely to meet all of you and get around to see some of you!

And now, the exciting bit... finding a winner for the engraved rocks and little box of affirmation cards I was offering.

As I had 163 comments, and Blogger doesn't number them (not that I could see anyway), instead of putting 163 into and relying on my counting being right, I decided to get to the winner a different way.

So, I put the numbers 1 to 18 into the random generator, as people entered beginning on the 1st of Feb until the 18th of Feb on my blog (which was still the 17th in the USA, and we were going by USA Standard Pacific Time).

What came up was number 9!

So I then took the names of all the people who entered on the 9th, wrote them out on little bits of paper, and put them into a hat..... well, it was a lovely golden bowl actually!

Those people were:

Peggy Aplseeds

The first person to be pulled out of the hat (um, bowl), was.......

KATHY!!! Yay!

Congrats Kathy. I will email you as soon as I've posted this and let you know. :)

To everyone else, thanks so much again for entering, your lovely comments, and the gorgeous blogs I've had the pleasure of discovering over the last couple of weeks.

Linda. xox

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  1. Oh Darn ! I really wanted this one. Can you please tell me where I can find this.

  2. ohh, lucky Kathy!!
    Next time you host a giveaway I'll send Martino to you, you know he's good at picking names.
    Have a fab week end Linda (there is a sunny day week end here finally!! Yay!!)

    yes the cushions in the background are on my bed. And you are totally right about abusive people.

  3. Marianne, I bought them at a little boutique in the city where I live (one of my fave places to shop), but they come from

    Although they mainly sell to retailers (so you need a wholesale account etc), it appears you can order online as long as you order more than their minimum order amount which is $30 according to their info.

    The boxes of affirmations (there's quite a few different ones), are in the 'Little Affirmations' part of the site.

    I'd love to have Marino visit Bobbi! He's so cheeky. Jessie would have such a fright to see another cat inside - lol!

    Linda. xx


I'm very grateful for your participation.

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Linda. xx

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