Friday, January 28

Happy, Happy Weekend Everyone! (And Some Lovely Cushions!)

May your weekend be filled with lots of gorgeous, pretty things (just like the adorable cushions and lamp shade in this pic) and happenings!!

Linda. xox

P.S: Next week I'll be putting up a Lovely Links post so we can all 'get linky with it'!!

I didn't do one at the end of December (the holidays were upon me), so there's two months worth of favourite posts for you to pick from and share with all of us!



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  1. Oh Linda you're killing me. This bed is wonderful and I am so sleepy and tired that I find it wonderful for many reasons...That flower fabric is fantastic, especially here , while is still full winter, having something like that around the house is perfect.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. What a beautiful room!! And so neat because I am off to pick up my new sofa pillows now!!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Beautiful rug and pillows!
    Cheerful :-)

  4. Bobbi, you're probably absolutely exhausted from all the wonderful things you've been making and doing for your amazing shop!! You deserve a soothing rest.... but you might be run off your feet soon with heaps of customers!

    Ann, you lucky duck! A new sofa and cushions - wow!! I'd be jumping up and down with excitement!

    Shanti, thanks for visiting.... I love your blog. Even though I can't read most of it due to it being in another language, your pics are gorgeous. I particularly adore the pic at the top right of your blog's header.... it's so ethereal and beautiful.

    Linda. xox

  5. Oh my goodness - that room looks amazing. I adore those cushions!! :)

    Everything matches together and yet contrasts at the same time - wonderful! I'd love to have a bedroom that looks like this. Peaceful yet inspiring.



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Linda. xx

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