Thursday, January 27

Come Dine With Me - No. 14 - An Elegant Table Setting

Though I'm not much of an 'all white' person, I really like this elegant and classic table setting. Drenched in bright light with a gorgeous touch of that stunning blue. Fab!

The bone handled cutlery and other nature inspired accessories are attention grabbing too.

And, as always, as a part of this series.....

Ask yourself: 'Do I savour the ritual of eating with my family/friends whenever I can?'

Which leads to: 'When, or how, can I include this precious time together more?'

Because: There's something so primitively delightful and bonding about the 'breaking of bread' (so to speak) with our loved ones. It's a ritual and a tradition that's been crowded out and lost amongst television, technology, and texting! It's time to 'get together' and connect the old fashioned way again.

Linda. xox



  1. Oh wow, those blue glasses!! Wonderful! I have a set of six crystal glasses each one of a different color and I adore them. If I had more space I would collect color glasses. Oh well, if I had space I would collect pretty much anything!!

  2. Beautiful place setting! Love the splash of blue with the white~!
    And yes, I do savor the time to eat with my family and friends whenever I can! It is so very special and almost a lost art!
    Blessings to you!

  3. Gosh, look at that blue!! Lovely!

    I must admit that I very much love an 'all white' look, but I definitely think it needs some bright, bold colours to work as a contrast.

    This table setting is magic.


I'm very grateful for your participation.

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Linda. xx

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