Saturday, December 18

A Simple Room With Lots Of Pattern..... I Love It!!

Some people are afraid to use pattern in their rooms... I think it induces some sort of pattern matching anxiety!

There are a few key things to remember when mixing and matching different patterns, and 'pattern stage fright' can be a thing of the past if you wish it to be!

I like this room below. There's so many different patterns - in the back of the fireplace, the inlaid chests of drawers, the throw on the sofa, the print on the cushions and the upholstered coffee table/ottoman.

The stacking of the logs so their ends show off a pattern of circles is a great touch against the backdrop of the zig-zag lines in the fireplace. Love it!

The gorgeous pattern in the ceiling, the shaped indent in the wall above the fireplace, the shape of the arched window and the window panes, the triangular bases of the lamps, and the barley twist legs of the table/ottoman, also play into the geometric/ethnic pattern 'aesthetic' that's holding the room together.

The touch of the leafy branches, and bright pops of colour via the window furnishings, rug, and other cushions etc. finishes the room off nicely and adds contrast.

All in all, an eclectic, yet simple room that I find strangely attractive.

I must admit however, I have an interesting feeling of wanting to paint the ceiling a darker colour.... not really dark, but a soft green/grey maybe? Perhaps just the actual flat ceiling itself, (up inside the detail).

I somehow feel it would take the edge off the bright citrine colour of the blinds and curtains, and the stark brightness of these combined with the white. It would sort of cap it all off more gently, and soften the visuals somewhat.

Hmmm, that's got me thinking about doing the walls in a soft colour..... I could have some fun with that room.

What do you think?

Linda. xox



  1. I agree, the ceiling in a darker color could have add an interesting touch, not all of it but just the inside. There would be even more pattern.
    I love those two green chairs beside the fireplace!! A fireplace is what I miss the most in my home, so i drool over every image that has a fireplace in it. I wonder who lives in this house. Is it a young couple or someone older? Or maybe a single?

    Have a great week end, can you believe it's the last of this year?


  2. Pattern matching anxiety here!! lol I like it when I see it, like the room above, but others are really overdone for my taste, I fear I may not have the 'eye' for it. Thanks for your comment on my last post Linda, I really appreciate that you shared your story with me xx I find it fascinating to hear about other peoples stories and especially those who consciously choose a religious path or belief not just taken it on as something they were raised to believe as the only 'right' way. I guess I hope that showing our children early that people have so many ways of doing things and everyone is on thier own journey that they will come to respect and appreciate differences and be kind and supportive simply because its the moral thing to do not necessarily just religious. Anyway thanks again for your lovely kind words xx

  3. I love this room too! I love the white backdrop and that wonderful pattern of colour and texture used everywhere else ... so inspirational!! :)


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Linda. xx

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