Tuesday, December 21

The Newest Additon At My Place - Introducing.....


My mum gave him to me for my birthday a few weeks back.

Isn't he grand?!  :)

We'd spotted him around two months ago when we were both out together browsing through a huge flea market near Ballarat, and I just had to have him, so mum offered to make him my birthday present.


He was named on the spot, and then I had to wait nearly two whole months to get him.

My partner says he's somehow ugly and cute at the same time.... which I sort of 'get'.

But I think he's just downright gorgeous!

I speak to him and pat him on the head, and he always looks like he's got something really witty and insightful to say back.

He generally resides in the kitchen where I can see him a lot of the time, and is also visible as soon as you get inside the front door!

A lovely way to be greeted. :)

Linda. xox



  1. LOL!
    He is cute ... I can see the attraction
    Linda sorry I have stopped by recently...I guess it is that time of you, but just wanted to wish you a Wonderful, Blessed Christmas
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  2. How adorable. Frederick is perfect. I am glad I met you and your blog in 2010 and look forward to more of your stylish posts in 2011. Merry Christmas. Charmaine

  3. he is so round and adorable. I love the expression. And I am happy to know I am not the only one who talks at fake animals and is sure they talk back. Maybe we should see someone that can help us Linda. Maybe not. I love to play!!! Isn't imagination the most wonderful thing? Also, I kind of believe that everything has a soul, positive energy and some sort of power. Everything. Especially round cute objects with feathers and eyes!!

  4. Oh my ... he is adorable, and his name is perfect! :)

    He looks equal parts cheeky, fun and welcoming ... what a lovely gift!
    Your house is filled with glorious things! :D

  5. I agree that Frederick is adorable. A cute little guy like that needs a name and Frederick is perfect since he has that wise (of course) but also cheeky look to him. He looks cuddly, too. I'd be tempted to hug him every day.

  6. I'm glad you all love him too!!

    Bobbi, I SO agree with your part about 'everything having a soul or some sort of positive energy or power'. We're all made up of the same stuff when it comes down to it... atoms, molecules etc. I'm basically made of the same stuff as a chair!! Amazing. I talk to my house alot too.... perhaps that's why I love being at home so much and feel so connected to it. :)

    Frederick looks so fat and roly poly, and yes, very huggable... but a little hard - lol.

    I have found myself carrying him around a little bit though!

    Merry Christmas everyone, it's been so lovely to find and meet you all via the blogosphere!

    Linda. xox

  7. Linda, thanks for your wonderful words. I am so glad I found you and your wonderful blog. I wish my blog could look like yours...but I think it reflects our personalities, so I can say I wish I was as organized and neat as you are!! You do a wonderful job over here, it's always a pleasure to read, and I am glad more people is appreciating it.
    Have a wonderful time during the Holidays, and merry Christmas to you , your family and of course, Jessie!!
    See you in 2011!!!
    the biggest hug,

  8. Awe inspiring your works!!


    Saga, Japan.




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