Tuesday, December 7

A Bigger Than Usual Give-away - The Hobbit, Candles, Engraved Stones, and Vintage Teaspoons!!

Hi everyone!!

It's that time again when I give away another copy of The Hobbit as part of our Year Of The Hobbit.

But, this month, for some very special reasons, there's a few extra goodies I'm going to throw in.

First of all it's my birthday today - woohoo! And, there's nothing like giving stuff away to make you feel good, so on my birthday I'm celebrating by giving rather than just receiving.

Also, I'm super excited to think that shortly I'll have reached the milestone of 100 followers. I'd like to thank all my new and old friends who are interested in my little corner of the blog world by adding in a few things to the usual 'Hobbit' giveaway.

So.... to celebrate my 45th birthday (sheesh, am I that old already), and the impending century over there in my sidebar, the give-away this month will include...

1. A brand new copy of The Hobbit.
2. A little bag of 6 handpoured pure soy tea-light candles.
3. Two beautifully engraved stones featuring the words 'Dream' and 'Hope'.
4. A set of 6 dainty vintage spoons (great flea market find) perfect for a lazy afternoon cup of tea with friends. (They're stamped Grosvenor/Christine.... on the back).

A lovely little collection indeed - don't you think!

I've been saving these treasures to include in a fab giveaway for a while. :)

If you'd like to win this bundle of goodies, simply leave a comment below.

If you'd like extra entries, just tweet or blog about this give-away, and leave an extra comment for each thing you do!

The competition will close at midnight, next Saturday, the 11th of December (Melbourne time) and, the lucky winner will be announced on the Sunday.

Good luck all. :)

Linda. xox


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  1. Happy Birthday Linda!! 45 - your just a baby still!! Anyway, growing older is one of God's greatest blessings to us - the higher the numbers go - the better!! I hope this year is just wonderful for you!
    Everything in your give-away is so special - but those spoons! Amazing!
    Many blessings for a fabulous year!

  2. Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd ! as we would say in Dutch when it's your birthday. Hope you will continue the happy blogging for a long time to come . Monique

  3. Happy Birthday Linda! I hope you have a special day.


  4. Hey Linda, checking in to say hello. Happy Belated Birthday my fellow Sagittarian! My birthday was on the 4th! Hope you had a great day and I love your give away collection - especially the spoons. Your blog is looking awesome.

  5. a day later...but happy birthday Linda!! You share birthday with my cottage! I moved in here on december 7th eight years ago, and it's also patron saint day in my hometown Milan, so It's three times a special day!!
    I hope you had a lovely day with everything that a birthday needs, no matter what age you're turning: a cake, good friends and family, pretty gifts, kitty snuggles and possibly sleeping late. And don't worry, they say that 45 is the new 28.
    Happy happy birthday again!

  6. This is slightly belated, but I still wanted to send many lovely birthday wishes your way! Congrats on 45 wonderful years so far...with at least another 45 to go :)

  7. Hej Linda

    Thank you soo much for my birthday greetings.
    Happy Birthday to you my lovely, I can't believe we are both 45, well 45 & 2 days 45 & 1 day for you, your younger than me :P. Mine was 6th.
    Happy Happy December Days...

  8. A happy belated birthday, dear Linda. I hope you had a terrific day and enjoyed the best of life - good times w/loved ones, which includes furry ones, too, of course! A warm hug and a kiss from California.

  9. Happy Birthday! I think I mentioned to you that we were wanting to read The Hobbit to our girls, so I'd love to win this fabulous giveaway. ;)
    I love the engraved rocks too, I think those are so fabulous. What a lovely little giveaway!

  10. Oh, Happy Belated Birthday Linda!

    Just catching up on my blog reading. So, sorry my wishes are late.

    Once again, last minute entry, though not as bad as usual.

    Sandy K

    BTW. 45 ain't old!


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Linda. xx

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