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Announcing.... The Year Of The Hobbit! An Ongoing Give-away!

I've always loved the story of The Hobbit. I first read it in around Grade 3, and have read it many times since then. I then read its 'big brother story' The Lord of The Rings for the first time in Grade 6, and have read it 12 times 'til now!

My very first copy got lost a long time ago... but I've had a special leather bound copy in one of my bookcases for the last 8 years or so (it's on the bottom shelf of this bookcase near my breakfast bar!)

The Hobbit was one of quite a few books that I believe actually helped form and mould the person I am today.

Good children's literature should do that.

I don't believe there's any better gift you can give a child than a mesmerizing book.... one full of engaging characters, moral dilemmas, great story lines, feelings, and imagination expanding adventures!

The Hobbit has something to do with my adult love for maps and globes, and drew me into another world in such a way that I believed anything was possible no matter who I was. (If a hobbit could pull off amazing feats despite such dire circumstances, then surely I could too!!)

And, as a Primary School teacher of over 20 years (the last 6 part time to make more room for my designing passion), I know only too well the power of truly good writing.

It has the power to inspire, heal, motivate, change, lead, and bring joy and comfort where other things may not.

So I've decided to create 'The Year of The Hobbit!'

I'm going to give away a brand new copy of The Hobbit every month for a year!

Here's some of them, freshly bought, waiting for their new home.

Even if you already have a copy (it's still a good book for grown-ups to read!), you can win it for your nieces or nephews, to give your children their own copy, to give to a friend's children, to donate to your nearest Primary School's library...... there's heaps of ways you could use this book to help spread a little more great 'literary stardust' around the world!

For this first give-away, all you need to do to win a copy of The Hobbit is leave a comment before midnight this Saturday (Melbourne time).

I'm so going to enjoy sharing these out one-by-one over the next 12 months, I'll feel like a little bit of 'me' is flying around the world to brighten up a child's life somewhere.

I'll announce the winner this Sunday.

Good luck everyone. :)

Linda. xox

P.S: Here's one of the 'riddles' Bilbo had to answer when trying to keep the ring from Gollum. Do  you know the answer?

'A box without hinges, keys, or lid,
Yet golden treasure inside is hid'.


More - I think books are such an important part of any home. Do you? This post about books talks about why they're so integral, and has masses of great 'bookcase' images!


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  1. Linda, I need to win one of these! My daughters who are 8 and 9 LOVE to read and they are currently finishing up all the Percy Jackson series. I'd love to have them start this! I got excited when I heard you were a primary school teacher. I'm a recent follower and your posts excite me. Please please let it be me. (at least for being number 1?)

  2. this is a really great idea!! You are right, good children literature helps so much, I was too formed from all the books I've read as a child. I guess my love for sailboats comes from Jack London. I was into every kind of adventure books! I really love this giveaway....

  3. Oh what a gorgeous idea! My children would love this book.

    My girl (11)has an innate passion for reading and has a deep fondness for fantasy fiction. As above we loved the Percy Jackson books as well as The Dragonkeeper series. My boy (9) is geting there but doesn't have quite the sophisticated taste yet. Something like The Hobbit would be fun to read together, taking turns to read a page or paragraph.

  4. I used to read so much as a kid that my 5th grade schoolteacher once called my mum to tell her I was reading too much!!!!! Yep, it's true. I too have saved books from my childhood and really enjoy rereading them once in a while. It's amazing to realize, as you say, how much they influenced me to become the person I am now.

  5. Hi LInda,
    I forgot to leave a comment last night:)
    We're all big Tolkien fans here. Thanks heaps:) xo

  6. oh, i love that tree on the wall!

  7. I love The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings. What a beautiful idea this is...

  8. Linda! What a great idea- and I just love books. It's going to be interesting giving out one a month and seeing where each book goes. I hope I win. :)

  9. What a great idea! I LOVE the Lord of the Rings series and have read them over and over too (I even have a copy of the Two Towers autographed by Billy Boyd). But you know what is crazy? I have never read of The Hobbit! My little brother gives me trouble about it all the time. I don't know the answer to that riddle, and I would love to read and find out :)

    I wonder where those books will find their new homes? Exciting :)

  10. Confession - I have NEVER read any Tolkien and I'm 32. Maybe the Hobbitt could get me started?

  11. Oh arent you just lovely! I love the hobbit too, in fact it was my mum who raved about it when I was a child. My daughter is yet to read it as she is possibly a little young yet? (she is only 5).

  12. This is such a lovely idea Linda. I love giving books as presents especially to children. B-I-L is a huge fan of Tolkein, so this would be one for the nieces and nephew as I'm sure he has lost his copy and is as yet to replace it.

    Again, a gorgeous idea.

    Sandy K

  13. The clock just ticked over past midnight.... so entries are closed! (Just made it in time Sandy!!)

    Off to bed, will draw the winner tomorrow after I've been to the Sunday Market!

    Good luck everyone. :)

    Linda. xox


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Linda. xx

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