Tuesday, November 23

A Retro Look Stove In My Favourite Colour - RED!

Just found the company Big Chill on my travels.

Not only do they create the most gorgeous fridges in all sorts of stunningly bright and dreamy colours, they also make stoves and other kitchen items.

You know how much I LOVE red.... so this has to be my dream stove!

The retro look and the curvaceous and smooth design, combined with the added attraction of colour, makes this one of my favourite discoveries.

And, you can get range hoods to match!

Linda. xox



  1. Hello Linda

    WOW! What a beautiful oven...I suppose this are only available in the Antipodies?
    I LOVE the colour RED too, especially against the stark white/grey Scandinavian decor.
    Hmmmm I have just been debating cream or red for a new SMEG fridge/freezer that we have been saving to get in the New Year.
    Thank you always for your lovely encouraging comments and I was soo flattered that you loved that song Oh Laura, and immediately linked to my blog for your Monday favourite tune, that was a while ago and I am not sure that I ever thanked you.
    I seem to be permanently living at of a suitcase and me and hubby are like ships in the night at the moment, either his in London and I'm in Sweden or v.v.
    Im back in Sweden having just got back from a busy schedule in London, soo playing catch up with house stuff and decorating and trying to visit everyones wonderful blogs.
    Keep up your good work.
    I LOVE your blog.
    Congratulations with your shop too...I have had a little peek, I will be back, promise.
    I'm about to embark on cushion cover for my pillow swap partner in Russia, organised via Dutch Sisters...watch this space lol!
    Have a great week ahead

  2. Ohhhh I could design a whole home around that beatuy! I could burn bread in that puppy! (well I don't think my cooking would change that much...)

  3. That is an amazing oven. There is also an italian company that follows this style and i adore it. I love the colors!! I really don't know why most companies don't make make things more colorful, and I am not only talking of appliances but furniture in general. In my grandmother's home there is an aqua green kitchen from the fifties that's absolutely stunning!! My grandfather made it, so it's double stunning to me.
    What color would you choose for the fridge? Red like the oven? A total white kitchen with red fridge and oven would be soo cool. Let's dream.

  4. Julie, thanks so much for your lovely comment! You're so welcome about the Monday Music link. I just felt such a connection with your gorgeous blog as soon as I landed there, it was a huge emotional rush! I couldn't get a link to you into a post quick enough!

    It must be rough moving around and living out of a suitcase a fair bit... not sure I'd be very good at that, I'm such a home-body, I don't like to be away from my place for more than a few days... I really miss its very comforting and nourishing atmosphere. Nothing else ever seems quite right.

    Can't wait to read about and see pics of your cushion swap - that sounds amazing! I'll have to look up Dutch Sisters too, sounds interesting!

    Not sure where those Big Chill ovens are available, but I'd sure like one! (Prob never be able to afford one though - lol).

    Thanks again for your wonderful comments and support.

    Bobbi, I reckon a red stove and/or fridge in an all white kitchen would be magnificent!!! I have to say though, when I was browsing their site, I was also VERY partial to their orange stove! Whatever colour, I'd stick to one bright colour and the rest white as you said... fab!

    The aqua green kitchen that your grandfather made sounds like an absolute masterpiece... I would LOVE to see that! I bet it's amazing.

    Auntie Bliss, not being much of a cook I know I'd burn bread in it. But it'd be fun to try!!

    Linda. xox

  5. Ooh, red is my favourite colour too. This stove is divine and I'd buy it just for the colour it would inject into my kitchen. I wouldn't use it of course, as I don't cook, but it's mighty pretty.

    Sandy K


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