Thursday, November 4

Lovely Links - A Bevy Of Bookcases!!

Hi everyone, it's end of the month Lovely Links party time again!! (A little late - sorry!)

This time I thought it'd be nice to have a theme, so instead of just sharing our favourite posts over the last month, I thought we'd share some pics of the bookcases we have in our homes, or favourite bookcase pics we've found around the web.

I LOVE books, and if I didn't have room for bookcases in my home I think that'd be the end of me. I simply have to have them around to feel comfortable and content.

You can see some of mine below... the smaller bookcase is in the dining/kitchen area, and the other two are close up shots of some of the shelves from two bookcases in the living room. The backs of these ones have butterfly paper on them to give them a meaningful touch for me (I've 'gotta thing' for butterflies).

What about your bookcases?

Or, great bookcase pics you've collected from around the web?

Doesn't matter if your post is old or new... or your bookcases either!

I'd love to see them. :)

Link up below and let us share....

Linda. xox


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  1. I love a book case :) but I have been starting to give away my books after reading them.

    I also like the look where the books are stacked on a coffee table or on a bench.

  2. Oh I don't have a picture of my bookcase (you would stop talking to me after you'd seen it ) and I don't have any post to share this time! I love your bookcases they are so neat!! And your books look like they are very well kept. I'm a destroyer. The problem is that most of the time I fall asleep while I'm reading and so the book gets tangled between the sheets and me and the morning after is all wrinkled. I'm a mess. I know.

  3. Great photos of wonderful books. Love all the little special touches arranged along with the books too.

    Lisa, fellow BYWer

  4. Wonderful idea for "Lovely Links"! I've added my post to the list :-)

  5. I took a look around these links and... wow!! You have talented followers, Linda!!

  6. LOL Bobbi, I do that too, except mine usually end up buried somewhere near my feet (I roll all over the place when I sleep) and it takes me a few minutes to find where the heck they are. A few have also been dropped in the bath water and have pages double their normal size due to the swelling!!

    Thanks for linking up everyone, such good stuff to see and read!!

    Linda. xxx

  7. Hi! I saw your message on BWY and decided to contribute. I wanted to post the bookcases in our living room, but the site thought that it was an invalid address, so I couldn't. The bookcases in my kids play room do not have books... I hope that's okay. I think your linking idea is great! You have a lovely space here. Kaho

  8. Kaho, that's a pain your first link wouldn't work... sorry about that! Mr Linky has a mind of his own it would seem - lol. I'm glad you linked up your kids play room, terrific!!

    Thanks so much for joining in.

    Linda. x

  9. Loving your bookcases Linda. Wish my books weren't sitting in boxes in my parents' garage.

    Have you lined the bookcase with wallpaper? It's gorgeous. Any chance of finding out the name of the wallpaper?

    Sandy k

  10. Hi Sandy! It's actually gift wrap paper from a homeware and linen shop called Adairs. They have the most gorgeous single flat sheets of high quality gift paper.

    I needed about 8 to do the job. They were around $5 each, so around $40. But, wallpaper would prob have cost me more as I would have needed nearly 3 metres, and some of it costs huge amounts per metre!!

    I bought some similar paper there last week, but the background was gold, and the butterflies all gorgeous bright colours.... yellow, pinks, lime greens, turquoise, magenta.

    I placed a dinner plate on the sheet and cut out 2 big circles, then I put two cards (one in each big circle) with my fave quotes on them in the middle of the paper and put them on my fridge. They look very glam and so colourful!!

    Linda. x


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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