Tuesday, November 2

The Cutest Owls You Ever Did See....

Over at Lost and Fawned the other day, Lindsay featured an Etsy seller named Green Baboon Designs.

Her post stopped me in my tracks because it featured the most amazing little floating beeswax candles poured into acorn caps. You all know how much I love acorns..... and these seriously made me smile! Plus, the only candles I burn are beeswax or soywax, with my preference being beeswax, so these candles were truly magnificent!

The other things she described in the post sounded wonderful too, so I clicked on over to Green Baboon Design's shop and found......

..... the cutest owls I've seen for yonks!

Look at them! So plump and roly poly!

This is what the description from Green Baboon Designs said....

'Children love these!

Lovingly needle felted from 100% clean carded wool around 100% wool batting, these adorable owls have a tiny bell tucked in the middle.

Soft enough for play indoors, yet firm enough to allow a gentle bounce these wool balls are irresistible. Adults have been known to use them as stress balls. Children play catch. Cats and dogs love them too.'

Oh my goodness... they have a BELL in the middle! How cuuutte!

I was just saying the other day in a comment I wrote over at Bobbi's blog, that I feel like a bad mother to my cat Jessie. She hasn't had a soft toy of her own to play with for, well, for years probably. She has soft rugs, and faux fur, and cushions to sit on... but no special toy to play with.

Now, I know these aren't big... but they'd make a playful good start.

Although, I have a really big, sneaking suspicion Jessie won't be getting her paws on any of them if I buy them. Maybe I could buy 2 lots, one for each of us.

Here's a link to the owls, and one to Green Baboon's Etsy Shop.

Lovely, lovely stuff to be had!

Linda. xox

P.S: Don't forget we've got a 'linky' coming up over the next few days called 'A Bevy of  Bookcases'! Get snapping out there if you'd like to link up with a pic of what books look like at your place! I can't wait to see them. :)

Speaking of books, the next Year Of The Hobbit give-away will probably be next week, to make way for the 'linky' and Magpie Girl's guest post.


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  1. Yes maybe Jessie ould not play with them...but they are so cute you should give it a try!! A bell insinde?? Come on! My cats have little balls to play with but they get tired quite easily so I am always making new toys for them. And esactly like ti happened to me as Ia child, they are more entertained by home made crafted toys made from scrap than the one I buy. Well, except for teddy bears and hyppos. They're for cuddles not for play. Get yourself and jessie these owls...I just bought a Paddington bear for me!! He he!!

  2. I must have those little owl babes!! Thanks so much for sharing them :) xo

  3. The owls and acorns are too cute!! I'm not sure I could share those with my cats either - the poor felt would be ruined in a minute!

  4. These are really cute Linda. Great find.

    I'm seeing owls everywhere atm. Gift ranges seem to be featuring them heavily.

    Sandy K


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