Saturday, October 16

Yup... A Nice Scratch Under The Arms Is Soooooooo Good!

Found at 'Cute Overload'... this unusual pet (it's a loris) just loves a scratch under the arms.....

Ahhh, the simple things!

Linda. xox


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  1. I have seen this before, soooo cute!!

  2. Oh man, you are making me want to click on that site! Last time I was there, I spent too much time there!

  3. this is why I love animals. All they ask is some attention. They don't care how much you earn, if you are fat or pretty...
    This little guy has the most sweet eyes ever! And the way he streches the arms up for more scratches...just too cute!!

    And yes, you should come to Italy. And i always wanted to visit Australia, so who knows, maybe one day...

    I'm off to the pool now. No shop for today.

  4. My dogs love to be scratched on the bellies and under their arms.

    It's funny because my dog is a fawn but the fur under his arms is dark- so i always show people my dogs hairy arm pits. :)


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