Monday, October 11

A Room To Call Your Own...... Yes Please, I'll Have One Of Those!

Over on Mama Without Borders the other day, Minnie wrote a great post about her thoughts on using floral art to decorate a room. She found some great pics to use as inspiration for the use of her own 'floral finds'.

Later the same day, I came across the pic below on Made By Girl, and immediately thought of Minnie and her wonderful post!

Image from Made by Girl via Homegoods

I LOVE this room.... it's almost enough to send me to the hardware store in a 'pink-paint-buying-frenzy'... so gorgeous! But, it was the displays of art work that really got to me. And, I can see butterflies on the floral pieces with the birds on them (I adore butterflies as you know).

The image originally comes from the Homegoods site, where they discuss how to create a 'mom cave' instead of a 'man cave', and invite you to enter a competition to win your own 'mom cave'.

Yep - I'll have one at my place please!

Linda. xox


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  1. way to many males in our house to have a floral theme - even with a resident florist!
    I think my flowers would have to be more . . . .subversive ;)
    Mine own already has worries about crochet cushions turning up.

  2. Oh my! That room looks amazing!!! :D

    I definitely think we all need our own little sanctuary to escape in.

  3. My whole house is my cave. Only selected people have access to my place (eh, eh) because this is my sanctuary! But I am a mom to eight cats who hate closed doors, so my cave is shared with my fluffy babies.
    Anyway, how gorgeus is this room?? Pink is fun!! Most of the times pink is misinterpreted as a girlie color when it's actually a very warm, fun and cheering one, and as long as there is no hello kitty or stuff like that is not girlie girlie at all!! Just think about how good men look with a light pink shirt. I can think about two examples and feel the blood in pink shirts!!
    Have a great week Linda.

  4. Hehe, Bobbi, men in pink shirts!!!....

    The first 'date' I had with my partner a few years ago, he was wearing a pink shirt with a faint white pin stripe - quite bold of him I thought! He works out at the gym regularly and is nearly 6ft 4, so it looked just 'fine' to me!! ;)

    Linda. x

  5. Awww, you are so sweet to mention my floral-theme post. My son has been sick all week and I'm trying to catch up on my blog reading. So sorry I missed this the day it came out. My heart is soaring, knowing you thought enough of my post to mention it. This is a great photo and it's going straight to my inspiration files!

    I do have a woman cave, my home office, but sadly, I don't get to spend enough time in there. But I can't complain since 99 percent of house decor decisions are mine!. :-)

  6. I hope your son is feeling heaps better Minnie! I loved your post and I love your blog.... you write such interesting posts about various decorating ideas.

    I get to do all the decorating too.... bliss!

    Linda. xox


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