Saturday, October 23

A Lovely Little Weekend Outing, And Meeting Some Bloggers In Real Life!

This morning I ventured out to the lovely Buninyong (which is only about 5 mins down the road from me) to visit the Buninyong Makers Market!! And boy, what a lovely time I had.

I bought 7 absolutely stunning items, 5 of which I can't mention here as they're Christmas presents and I don't want the people receiving them to have any clue what they are! But, I did buy two things for myself, which was a bit extravagant because I'm trying to restrict my personal spending at the moment as I mentioned over on Tracy's wonderful blog in the comments of this post about going a whole month without buying anything new.

My biggest purchase was this amazing Matryoshka Doll from The Shabby Cottage. I've been wanting one of these for ages, and have had my eye on a few Etsy ones, but it was so nice to be able to buy this delightful doll from a local crafter. So exciting!

And, I bought some lovely little map gift tags from Miss Isa (you know how I loooove map related items). They're so cute, and I can use them as tags or as part of my scrapbooking (if I ever get back to it!).

Whilst at the Makers Market I also got to meet some fellow bloggers in real life! Yay!! I loved that. It's just so wonderful to put a face to some of the gracious and lovely people you meet online.

There was Cathy from Tinnie Girl (the originator of Blogtoberfest and artist extraordinaire), Camille from Curly Pops (the hostess of the give-aways for Blogtoberfest and fabulous with fabric), Kathryn from The Shabby Cottage (another who's fabric creations are stunning), and Rachel from Miss Isa (who crafts gorgeous things from paper). All such warm and wonderful people, not to mention extremely talented crafters and artists. I had so much fun talking to them and looking at their amazing creations.

This was only the second Buninyong Makers Market, but it looks like it's going to be an ongoing thing which is fabulous. I'll certainly be back next month, and if you live near Ballarat, then it's certainly worth a look, especially if you'd like some beautifully handcrafted Christmas presents for friends and family.

Linda. xox


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  1. It was so lovely to meet you today Linda.
    I didn't realise that you love map related items. You would love Annmaries Map 29 creations: She has a licensing agreement with Ausways to print their maps and use them.

  2. The little map tags are just too cute!

  3. Those little map tags are so wonderful! Yes, a fellow map lover here. I have a big school map hanging in my hallway and several globes throughout my home so those little tags instantly caught my eye.

    My blogger's fantasy is to one day go to a bloggers meet-up, though to meet all my blogging buddies I'd have to do a world tour! Yes, I love that blogging puts me in touch with like-minded people all over the world. It must have been so fun to meet many of the people you've been corresponding with. I'll have to keep my ears open for any within driving distance. Meanwhile, if you're ever in the Los Angeles area ...

  4. It was great to meet you Camille!! The couple of items I bought from you for presents will be much loved I'm positive! I've seen Anne Marie's map purses etc, and did a post on them last year... they're truly amazing aren't they! How wonderful that Ausways entered into an agreement with her.... great business cou I reckon!

    Minnie, I have a few little map drawings and one smallish globe that I found at a flea market and simply adore. It's done in the olde world map style and is just gorgeous (and it only cost me $14 - huge bargain!!)

    I'd seriously love a whole wall covered in a map, that would really be something to revel in.

    Same goes here too...if you're ever in the Ballarat area (or more probably the Melbourne area, which is fairly close by), I'd love to catch up. I'm already determined to meet my blogging friend Bobbi who's in Italy someday, so you never know what can happen!

    Linda. xox

  5. I love local crafty markets, they have the best stuff! I have spyed those matryoshka dolls a few times before, they are gorgeous. I bet given that the items you bought were handmade with love and care that you may be off the hook for buying inside the space of a month ;)

  6. Oh well, one day I will come to Melbourne then you'll come to Italy. I'll leave from italy in winter so I'll catch the Australian Spring, you'll leave from Melbourne in july so we'll go to my beach at the lake.
    in Milan there is an annual market called "o bei o bei" (it's milanese dialect, it means nice things). It's been going on since 1510 and you can find anything, from antiques to handmade things. I love this ritual markets, so I hope this one becomes a regular appointment for you.
    The matrioska is too cute!!

  7. What a lovely full day of activities, meeting-and-greeting, and handmade goodness!

    I love the goodies you picked up for yourself (how lovely that you were also able to get a headstart on your Christmas shopping) - I'm always SO last minute when it comes to that! :)

    Well done for only buying TWO things for yourself ... I find it hard to resist temptation at markets ... I figure that buying handmade goodies kind of get a bit of a free pass for 'buy nothing new' month anyway ... it's wonderful to support local artists and independently made items ... the timing of markets wait for no one! :)

    I love the doll! :D

  8. Isn't it just the most wonderful thing when days turn out so successfully! I love that doll - she's really pretty! Did she call out to you? :)

  9. Hi Linda, It was great to meet you too and, meet another local blogger! Thank you for mentioning me in this post too and the picture you took of my doll is just gorgeous! Lovely light. I'm really pleased to find happy customers of the Buninyong Makers Market and it's wonderful to hear the word spread too! it was a great day with creative stall holders and enthusiastic customers!!! Hope to see you at the next one, Kathryn. XX

  10. Thanks for letting me 'off the hook' Bec and Tracey!!

    Ann, yes she did call to me. I picked up several, but it had to be her... it was the colours I think.

    Aaaah, Bobbi.... your lake beach is divine, I remember the pics from your blog. And, a gorgeous Italian market... it all sounds so unbelievably wonderful! The whole year could be Spring and Summer, it's just the places we'd have to change!!

    So glad you like the pic Kathryn!! The colours aren't quite right, but I fiddled to get them as close as I could so she'd be seen in all her gorgeousness!! Looking forward to the market next month.

    Linda. xox


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