Wednesday, October 13

A Gorgeous 'Nest' In Brooklyn by Suzanne And Lauren McGrath...

I spotted this very stylish and pretty Brooklyn Apartment over on Hip Hip Gin Gin, and the original photos (8 of them) and story can be found over here at Traditional Home.

Lauren was a fresh out of college 'fashion writer' when she was lucky enough to get hold of this delightful apartment. She then called on her mum, Suzanne, who has worked as an interior designer for years (including alongside Martha Stewart for 10 of them), to help her out.

The result, as you can see, is simple, pretty, welcoming, and just straight out gorgeous!

My favourite things are the little 'love seat sofa', the feather cushion, the bedside table with the twist legs, and that stunning mirror (bought for a bargain price at Anthropologie).

Here's what the Traditional Home story says about the table...  Lauren’s absolute favorite furnishing is an old desk-turned-vanity that Suzanne found cast out on a Brooklyn street 20 years ago. She appropriated it as a small corner writing table for her living room, then passed it on to Lauren for reinvention as a vanity. “Paired with an unusual vintage Lucite stool, it’s rejuvenated,” says Suzanne. “It’s probably not worth anything, but it has good bones.”

I love the yellow lamp too. It reminded me of the ones below that I'd seen over at Shine by S.H.O! I've had them pinned in my inspiration file for ages, and when I saw the yellow lamp in Lauren's apartment, I grabbed the opportunity to show you this pic too!

You can see some more pics, and read the interesting story of this charming little apartment, here.

Linda. xox


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  1. I love the apartment... I love New York City! :)

  2. oh what a lovely place! thanks for sharing! it was lovely to come across your blog during blogtoberfest! all the best with the rest of the month!

  3. Wow - amazing! Could I live here now please? ;)


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