Sunday, September 5

The Sand Dancer..... A Humble And Unbelievable Artist...

What an amazing and gracious artist....

I am so grateful we have art and people like this in our lives.

Some of his words that really stuck with me....

It's really for my own wholeness'.

'They knock the creativity out first'...

'Cos I want my heart... you know'.

What is it you do for your 'wholeness'?

Linda. xox


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  1. So beautiful and so poignant. They way he leaps from place to place to to finish his work within three hours before the tide washes it away brought tears to my eyes. What an amazing fellow!
    I think seeing the beauty in others and all creation on this beautiful planet, makes me happy that I'm a part of it.
    Hope you're having a great Sunday:) xo

  2. Very powerful. My wholeness - I am just discovering I need to make and create.

  3. I'm having a good Sunday Nerine, although I wish the weather would let up a bit, and all our TV channels except for 2 aren't receiving any signal so no footy this arvo!

    I too find it amazing how he can do all of this and then see it washed away - truly wonderful fellows1

    Hi Fairchildstreet *waving*! It's so wonderful and freeing and enlightening when you realise what you are 'meant' to do, and then you start to act on it. I hope you get the chance to get stuck into your making and creating! Nice to *meet* you!

    Oh, I just popped over to your blog and see you LOVE soft furnishings and are learning to sew cushion covers! Now that's my sort of creating! I love cushion covers (am in the process of opening a shop selling them online), so I 'get' what you're on about.

    Linda. xox :)

  4. Amazing guy and artist. Very inspiring and talented. And I really like the way he looks, like a child who's having fun and doesn't care about anything...he's free.


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Linda. xx

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