Monday, September 27

Remember When You Did This......?

Remember when you were a kid and you built a cubby house out of blankets and chairs, and bits of furniture or stuff from around the house?!

Remember what it was like curled up in there, hidden away, in your own secret little corner of the world?

Or, did you read your book under the covers at night with a flashlight, even though your parents had already told you it was time to go to sleep?

Ahhhhhhh..... the gorgeousness of having a cozy, secret, snug place in the world just for you, and to do something you loved.

Do you give that magical gift to yourself today?

Do you spend time creating your own cozy corner of the world and using it to do something you love?

If not.....

....... why not?

What's stopping you?

It doesn't have to be a blanket over a chair (although, who says we can't be 'kids' again)..... it could be as simple as a comfy chair in a corner of the room, some snuggly pillows, a glowing candle, a yummy treat, and a good book.

Time to delight in some simple pleasures again... we all deserve it!

Linda. xox


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  1. We do don't we! I love the indoor cubby house & it used to be such fun when we were kids & actually got to sleep in it over night..I did make a cosy place for myself, living in a house full of boys I'm not so sure they are as keen on it as me, but I converted our dull spare room to a sweet floral heaven..though I don't spend as much time there as I'd like!

  2. My bed had drawers and in these drawers I kept all my favorite books ( all jack London's, all Stevenson's , Robin hood, Robison Crusoe, Born Free...I was an adventure book lover ), and when it was time to go to bed i had 30 minutes to read and then it was "turn off the light" time. But I had a glass door in my room and from that door the light from the living room could come in: I just had to lay down reverse, with my feet on my pillow to catch the light i nedded to read. My mom always knew, but pretended she didn't...
    Now I have a little corner in my garden and a chair in my living room but it's not magical like it was at the time. One day I will buy a garden house, and that will be my secret plaace to read into.
    Have a great week!!

  3. Mel... a house full of boys... it's got to be rough sometimes!! Your floral haven sounds lovely, a gorgeous escape when you need it.

    Bobbi, your room when you were young sounds so idyllic! How wonderful to have drawers full of books... so soul nourishing. And, how great of your mum to turn a blind eye to your extra reading, what a great statement about how important she thought reading was!

    I love the sound of your garden house and a secret place to read! Reminds me of the book 'Secret Garden'.

    Hope you have a great week too!

    Linda. xox

  4. So true!
    I think my comfy place now is where I am about to head off to now - my bed! I love to snuggle with a favorite book at the end of the day and just let my eyes slowly drift close! It's especially wonderful in the winter when it's raining outside!
    "Nice, cozy, comfortable, warm..." that's what my son, when he was little, use to call that special place! He was right!
    Have a great week!

  5. Oh, so sweet! I totally did this, I was all about forts! Now I want a canopy bed, an "adult" fort! XX!

  6. Ann, my bed is like that for me too.... love being in there and reading a good book. Haven't had much time to do that lately, and I must make time for it.

    Shari, a canopy bed would 'rock'!!! I don't have a bedroom big enough to fit one, but boy it would be fab!

    Linda. xox

  7. This post makes me smile! When I was in University, some friends and I made a huge fort around the tv on our floors common room and ate popcorn and watched Sister Act 2. We even had a secret password and a sign that said "DO NOT ENTER". We will all be together again in December and plan on re-creating it at my place :)

  8. Meghan, that sounds FANTASTIC!!!! How great that you're all going to re-create it again... so much fun!! You must really be looking forward to December!

    Linda. xox

  9. A cosy spot and a good book has always been one of the pleasures of my life too. Nowdays that cozy spot is bed for me too, but I'm thinking I need to create another!

  10. It is really great thing that you have mentioned above. Today i wanted to make a cosy reading corner in my house for and when searching for ideas (for inspiration)i came across this blog. Will try reading under a blanket tonight and let you know on how the experience was !!


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Linda. xx

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