Tuesday, September 28

A Living Room Full Of Comfort and Ease

I can just imagine secluding myself in here for at least a day, curled up with a good book, a mug of milo, and some of my favourite treats.

The atmosphere in this room is just so relaxing and nurturing.

The collection of items on the mantelpiece looks fascinating, and the grouping of mirrors would bounce light all over the place.

And, being who I am, I'd be remiss if I didn't comment on those delightful looking cushions. :)

There's even a mirror ball! (Imagine the firelight glinting off that at night, and reflecting in the mirrors too....it'd be like a room full of little stars.)


Linda. xox


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  1. Yes I agree cushions, a throw, open fire, relaxing colours. I could sit here for awhile and read. Have someone else cooking the meals so I wouldn't have to move :-)

  2. Gorgeous! Love the disco ball! I've always wondered how to incorporate a discoball into a living room with out making it look cheesy.

  3. what a gorgeous room, sure would be nice to curl up in there today...

  4. Wonderful room. My winter wouldn't be sad if I had a fireplace. I love them.
    The floor is amazing and makes the sofa really to stand out. A welcoming room. Love it.

  5. Brrrrr, no fireplace Bobbi! Brave girl. I wish I had a fireplace, but couldn't do without my gas heating, I get too cold!

    Erika, I think you should definitely have a disco ball in one of your rooms one day - how fab!! Usually you see them in rooms with alot more black and very glam, that's why I loved this room.... a little touch of cheekiness!

  6. It does look pretty cosy doesnt it. I do love the post on building a cubby house, my two have a cubby almost every morning in the loungeroom!

    I was thinking the other week about how important music is to our home and just to our moods in general and then noticed your Monday music posts! I was wondering if you wouldnt mind if I play along now and then and link to you with some lovely Monday music of my own?

  7. Oh yes I want read a good book by a roaring fire here!


  8. Of course you can Bec, I'll link back!!

    Linda. xox

  9. gee i've missed a few of your posts !
    this room is so light - those mirrors must help, it still looks cosy with out being dark, and not so white as to look stark. gorgeous.
    it makes choosing a decor so hard !


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