Thursday, September 9

Look At This - A Real Life Hobbit House In Wales...

This is a 'real life' hobbit house in Wales. It was built from stone, mud, and remnant wood from nearby forests. How marvellous it is!

'The use of materials from the construction site and the way the home was designed give it that truly unique, eco-friendly character that can only be found in earthen homes.'

At a cost of only $10 per square metre, this is a hobbit house we can all afford!

Speaking of hobbit houses.... don't forget to enter The Year Of The Hobbit give-away in the post below if you know someone who'd love a new book and a great read.

There's only 6 entries (yes ONLY 6) so far, so you have a really fabulous chance of winning a book for your children, friend's children, or to give as a gift to someone who loves great literature!

ENTER HERE before midnight Saturday for your chance to win.

Linda. xox


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  1. this is soo nice and in full hobbit mood. I'm sponsoring your giveaway, the world need to read good stories...I surely do. I'm still shocked for the new vivisection law in Europe. I might take citizenship on Mars.

  2. Bobbi, you are a real sweetie, thanks so much for mentioning my comp over on your blog!

    I don't know about the new law, I'll have to go and google it. Sometimes I truly do wonder what the world is coming to.....

    Linda. xox

  3. Still loving your blog! Whooo for promoting reading!

    Lemme go enter your giveaway.

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  4. I love this house! Imagine waking up there every morning and coming home to it in the evening. I've always wanted to live in a circular house... either something like this or a lighthouse...preferably both :-)

  5. Making the fairy tale become real! Really lovely:) xo

  6. Hi Zabrinah, nice to *meet* you!

    Suzie, your link isn't working from your name... I'll convo you on Etsy and let you know in case it's like that on other blogs you comment on..... can't have people not getting through to see your amazing map letters and such!!

    Linda. xox


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