Saturday, September 11

Buttons and Buttons....

When I was little, my mum had a tin full of buttons.  I think it was an old shortbread biscuit tin, from memory!

I used to love getting into that tin, oh boy.

I sifted those buttons through my fingers and watched the glorious colours flicker and slide. I loved the texture and feel of them. I sorted them, pushed them around, arranged them in patterns and rows.

Toys don't have to be expensive to be mesmerizing and eductaional!

These pictures strike a chord with me...... bring back very pleasant memories....

And, last but not least, my favourite button pic, EVER!

You know how much I love trees.......

All that button inspiration has got me inspired to head off to the craft store and browse around.

Spotlight, here I come!

Linda. xox

P.S: I'll be back tomorrow with the winner of the 'Year Of The Hobbit' give-away!


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  1. You've inspired me to rearrange my buttons! What a cute collection of images. I found you through byw, by the way.
    My husband is from Melbourne (we live in Vancouver) and his parents now live in Kyneton. I've been to Ballarat a few times, and just adore it. So picturesque!

  2. my mom had a button tin too! I had totally forgotten about it. Great memories :)

  3. Oh wow, yes! Buttons! Love them! They tell so much about the times in which people live too and can be such works of art!

  4. Buttons are wonderful fun!! Hope you found some inspiration while shopping:) xo

  5. yes, i love the tree too! great pics of buttons which i just realized i love! :)


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