Tuesday, August 24

Birds Painted On Door Panels... Wow!

I love the magazine World Of Interiors... always so many inspiring things to look at and soak in. It's like entering another world every time you turn a page. Just found this wonderful image on Penny Morrison's site and HAD to share.

What a fabulous way to weave images of something you love into the 'tapestry' of your home. The bird pics in the foreground and on the back door are painted onto the panels of the doors - brilliant!

If I had panelled doors I could imagine doing the same thing with some owls or butterflies.... both of which I've 'gotta thing' for.

Linda. xox

Snippets - Weaving images or objects related to those things you've 'gotta thing' for into the 'tapestry of your home' is a beautiful way to connect to your surroundings. Here's some of my favourite 'things'...******


  1. Oh wow!! I love the black floors, too...

  2. Oh wow!!I've just fallen in love...I'm so bad but those doors and that floor I really, really want to be with them and then there's all the paintings....Oh, sigh:) x

  3. Fab photo, love the painted panels on the doors, specially the one in the background, great idea.
    Love owls, oak trees and acorns too.

  4. In my childhood home we had panel doors and images of ducks on the kitchen door, so i like this a lot!!! Those floors alre beautiful, I love old wooden floors, they add warmth to every room. Going to the website right on!!!

  5. When it comes down to it.... it's all about atmosphere and what 'calls' to you, don't you think?!! I love the floors too..... although they'd be a bit lighter if I had them in my own home.

    Linda. xox


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