Friday, July 2

My Blog Is Carbon Neutral!

Thanks to Bobbi over at the gorgeous and often very funny The Lazy Designer (who found out via Nicole over at Noodles and Waffles), I came across this great initiative..... how to make your blog carbon neutral!

The 'My Blog is Carbon Neutral' initiative was started off in Germany by the 'Make It Green' program, who've made it their mission to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

But how does that tie in with blogging and blogs?

In order to promote their cause, for every blog that pops a 'carbon neutral' button on their site and blogs about it, 'Make It Green' will plant a tree in recognition of support, thus neutralizing that blogs carbon footprint for the next 50 years!

The trees will be planted in the spring of 2010 by the Arbor Day Foundation.

Too cool.

And, as I adore trees, and couldn't think of any better way to help our planet through its environmental troubles than planting more of them, I'm so glad Bobbi made me aware of how to get one planted simply by writing a blog post!

Thanks must go to the great minds behind the whole process.... and you can read more about it at their site.

So, I am now proud to say.... 'My blog is carbon neutral'.

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  1. I love that we can make out blogs carbon neutral!

  2. Green blogs!! Yes!!!

    ,,,and thanks for calling my little silly blog "gorgeus and funny"...



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