Thursday, July 1

How To Decorate A Very Small Apartment - From The Domino Archives!

One of the lovely blogs I follow is Shoebox Decor, and Typhanie's post titled 'Domino Is Back' jumped out at me from my blog list when I saw it earlier today.


Domino is back?



Turns out, over at, they've archived some of the now defunct Domino Mags most glorious articles and pics (more to come I think).


Typhanie mentioned one of her fave Domino articles about how to decorate a small apartment was there, and after checking it out, I can see why she was impressed!

Here's a little teaser....

'Moving into a narrow shoebox apartment inspired Tori Mellott to attempt the impossible: create a calm, neutral haven without skimping on her over-the-top style. The resulting fusion of the beige and the bold proves there's no sense in fighting your own taste.'

LOVE the hanging collection in the living room featured above. Just because a room is smallish, doesn't mean you can't go to town with a big wall display!

Click here to see all 11 images and read the story of how Tori decorated her little yet magnificent apartment.

Welcome back Domino!

Linda. xox

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  1. Love the mix of geometrical shape with the natures scenes on the wallpaper and that the ceiling has been covered also and the corner cabinet and...xo

  2. The kitchen is adorable. The only problem with small places is that if you add a lot of decoration they become almost impossible to clean and keep them clutter free. I'm in a constant battle against my cottage: if i leave a pen on the table it looks like I haven't cleaned up for ages...someone please help me...

  3. I remember this issue of Domino and the small apartment. I'm sure I have it torn out and in my decorator file!

  4. Really so very thrilled that the archives are back up...with the possibility of needing to down size for the third time in just a couple years time, I am eager for all the tips I can get...thanks for sharing!

  5. I absolutely love your domino archives. So elegant and so chic ! Your mix of items are also fantastic.
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