Monday, October 19

These Prints Really 'Had Me At Hello'.... Etsy Find!

So, I have this 'thing' about owls, and when I saw these prints on Etsy, my eyes widened in delight! I can just imagine a set of them, beautifully framed, on one particular shelf at my place.

I was supposed to be browsing Etsy looking for Christmas presents for everyone else..... arrggghh .... it's so easy to get sidetracked!



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  1. My 8 year old is obsessed with owls too and would adore those paintings. I'll have to bring her here in the morning to show her. I try to stay away from Etsy for that exact reason, getting sidetracked can cost hours of time.
    Love Kate (Daylesford Organics)

  2. Hi Kate! Thanks for visiting! Hope your daughter likes the owls. You're right about the hours going by...... too easy for it to happen when I should be doing other things!

    Those ducklings of yours are soooo cute!

    Linda. x :)

  3. I love owls too. Did you see Ellen a few shows back with Jack Hanna? She had the smallest, and the largest owls, it was amazing! I grew up with my Dad working at Rice U, they were the Fighting Owls teams and everywhere in our house we had owls, so I too have a heavy attraction for them!! Love the pink girl and owl print - LOVE IT!!!

    Thanks - Lisa


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