Sunday, October 25

The Soothing Sight Of 'The Curve'...

A beautifully curved back!

I find furniture with curves very pleasing to the eye... it somehow seems more soothing and calming than angular furniture with pointy bits and sharp corners everywhere.

Not to say I like all my furniture to be voluptuous, rounded, or bulging at the seams, but a few luscious, ripe curves 'take the edge off' and add that sinuous, soft, flowing element to a room.

In Sensual Home Ilse Crawford says:

'The curve is an elemental shape; straight lines came along with machines. The horizon of oceans and deserts is definitely curved, so too is the human form... A world designed along straight lines would be an unnatural and icy place.

We think of curves as being warm and sensual.

Curves welcome us.

Angles reject us.

Curves invite us to touch and explore....

Curves soften the blow of the technological world...

Most of all they please the eye and are lovely to touch.

Every time we create a straight line we need a curve for balance. Our homes are neither chessboards nor Mondrian paintings... the curve of a vase, the sinuous line of a chair, the sweep of an oval table, the plump upholstery of a sofa.

These things take the edges off modernity, making it sensual and appealing.'

Here's some rooms with gorgeous curvy or rounded furniture in them, each piece providing balance and respite for the eye.

Art deco dresser found on Desire To Inspire.

Beautiful curved desk legs against the more angular,
modern furniture in the background.

A ripe, voluptuous dresser, with a beautifully curved orchid!

Curves on the bedhead, the chair, the beside table...
...even the teapot!

This room would not have the same balance without the
curved shape of the chairs. The bedside tables have
lovely curved legs too.

The rounded chair arms, the curvy stool, and the
woven firewood basket set this room off beautifully!

Curves abound in the furniture, the objects, the
fabric patterns. Lovely.

Ask yourself: 'Are my rooms balanced with some curves, or are they all sharp angles and geometric patterns?'

Which leads to: 'How can I bring some soothing curves into my rooms...... furniture? Objects? Patterns on wallpaper or fabric?'

Because: Too many sharp, geometric, and pointy items in a room can make you feel a bit, well....... sharp and pointy! Curves will de-stress, soothe, and calm whilst adding balance and harmony to any room.



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  1. I just absolutely love your blog. I found it through Pinterest :) Keep up your fab work!


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