Friday, October 23

The Beach...

I'm off to the beach for a couple of stress free days with my partner!

We'll be lounging around, taking walks, having lovely meals at some little beach-side restaurants, and probably going out for a bit of a fish!

Sitting in the boat drifting across the water on a beautiful spring day with a warm, soft breeze lightly brushing by; water gently lapping at the sides of the boat; and glorious sunshine all around has to be one of the most simple, refreshing, and joyful experiences there is!

Have a great weekend. :)



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  1. I'm just reading this now. Hope you had a great weekend.

  2. Thanks Todd. :) It was beautiful... lovely sunshine, gorgeous fresh air... very tranquil and refreshing.

    We had some nice freshly caught Snapper cooked on the BBQ on Saturday night - yum. Thank goodness my partner knows how to fillet what he's caught! I leave all that to him.

    Linda. :)


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