Wednesday, August 26

A Small And Colourful Manhattan Apartment

As I was nosing around House Beautiful today I noticed Mimi Read's interview with renowned designer Miles Redd. And WOW.... the apartment they were discussing was striking in its use of pattern, colour, and flamboyant touches. The pictures are really thought provoking and stirring. You can see two of them below.

Here's the opening lines from it...

MIMI READ: The first thing that hit me was that flamboyant garden you made out of wallpaper in the foyer. It's like serving the killer dessert first.

MILES REDD: My clients wanted you to walk into a wow factor. It's more typically seen in dining rooms or bedrooms than in entrance halls. So to immediately enter into a mad hand-painted garden scene — it's fresh.

They go on to discuss the lacquered walls, jewel colours, rough textures, sexy marble bathroom, emerald green kitchen (I'm not sure about that one), red linen curtains, high octane moments, and glistening richness of the interiors throughout.

See the full interview and other rich photographs here.

That is one stunning, colourful and intense apartment!

What do you think?



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