♥ Contact + Policies

I love hearing thoughts, ideas, and comments from you. Please drop me a line, or send me pics. Especially about the following...

What are you passionate about?

What are your dreams, your life 'vision', your imaginings?

How have you made your house into a 'home' that's a crucible for your soul?

What sets your heart on fire?

What is your heart's  'crusade'?

When have you trusted (or not trusted) your intuition and learned something new?

You can email me at this address: linda ogier @ gmail .com (remove the gaps).  


I don't do sponsored posts on Heartfire At Home, so please don't email regarding products or items you wish to promote. I also don't run any ads (via ad networks), or take paid advertising. Thank you for understanding and respecting this policy.


I'm open to high quality guest posts in the areas of home design, creating a home for all 5 senses, following your heart (or your instincts), and really getting to know yourself. I'd also love posts about how de-cluttering or changes to your home have enhanced your life, or inspirational stories and experiences. Posts must not have links to items for sale within the text body, but can include several links to your website or blog. A bio box to feature at the end of your post should also be included!!


I am an affiliate for a few select programs and products, and when I promote these in a post or in my side-bar, you will be advised of this connection. I only partner with affiliates whose products I have used and bought myself, and ones I can truthfully and unabashedly present as products I have absolute faith in.


My friend Bobbi has an awesome shop! You can see the link in my sidebar. I'm not an affiliate, just an admirer and a friend. She's a beautiful, caring person, and she lives in a gorgeous cottage in Italy with her furry family. You can visit her shop here, and her blog here.

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