♥ About Heartfire At Home and Linda!

Hello Similar Souls, and welcome!

My name is Linda, and since I was little, I've loved colour, pattern, and beautiful things!

As I grew up, my passion for creating my 'own little world' within my bedroom and cubby-house, graduated to creating my own soulful homes later on.

I believe our homes should be an extension of our heart and soul.

Our own 'corner of the world'.

Our 'soft place to fall'.

This blog is where I ponder, share, and collect the many ways heart and home connect. It's also my file for anything that fascinates, attracts, looks gorgeous, or inspires!

I hope you enjoy it, and find many things to inspire you and take part in.


This Blog Is About 5 Important Things:

♥ Inspiring you to create a beautiful home full of atmosphere, personality, and delights for ALL your senses!

♥ Encouraging you to follow your 'gut' feelings and inner voice when it comes to interior design. Take a risk! Follow your own path! Love where you live!

♥ Motivating you to connect with your home on an emotional and spiritual level. And, in the process, discovering more about yourself, your needs, your desires, your inner child, your strength, and your soul.

♥ Using things that fascinate you (like owls, butterflies, trees, maps, and books for me), memories that move you, and purposeful intention, to create your true 'soul home'.

♥ Good food, fab music, amazing homes, beautiful rooms, gorgeous art, great reads, lovely quotes..... and more!

And, finally....

This is the Manifesto That Underpins Everything I Believe About 'Home':

I believe HOME is so much more than just a shelter... it is an extension of the soul, a representation of the people within, a repository of personality.

I believe HOME is a safe, nurturing, supportive and happy place, where all who abide there feel 'loved' and 'free'.

I believe HOME is a soft place to fall, a welcoming place for family and friends, an incubator of dreams.

I believe HOME is not held to anyone's standards but our own. There are no expectations, no 'we must keep up with the latest fads', no feeling bad if we don't have lots of money to spend on it.

I believe HOME is a melting pot of ideas, emotions, laughter, pets, people, books, colour, music, conversation, scents, tastes, texture, pattern.... what-ever it is that makes your house a HOME for you.

I believe decorating HOME is more about the 'gut' and the 'heart', than what's 'in' and what's 'out'.

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