Saturday, September 21

Delightful Bedrooms!

Happy weekend Lovelies!

I'm on holidays for 2 whole weeks - yay!

Time for Spring cleaning over here in Aus, so I'll be doing some of that and getting out into the garden as well with any luck.

I also have some de-cluttering to do..... time to simplify even more...... I feel the need to do this often lately.

Less is more.

I love these two bedrooms with their glorious colour! Simple yet happy!!

I hope you have a delightful weekend. :)

Linda. xox


  1. These rooms are really happy, especially the second one! I love bulk beds, especially if tubular: it reminds me of the bed I used to sleep in when I was a little girl and my family had a house on lake Como (aka GeorgeClooneyLand ). I used to sleep in the upper bed even if no one was in the lower one!
    Happy decluttering!!! God, I should do that too.

  2. How lucky you were to have a house in George Clooney land. Wow!! It must have been a magical place to be as a child. :)


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Linda. xx

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