Tuesday, December 11

A Marvellous New Shop To Visit!

WOW! Time flies by when you're super busy and drawn away from the computer! It's been ages, and I've been super slack blog wise.

I may be absent again for a while.... it's finally looking like Summer over here in Aus, my work ends for the year this Friday, and I'm off to a lovely beach holiday over the Christmas/New Year period (I'm super lucky to have a brother who lives in a glorious beach-side town - yay for cheap accommodation!)

So, I'll probably take some time off on an extended blog break to enjoy the great outdoors and life in general.

But, I did want to stop in a couple of times before Christmas.

I just had to make sure I introduced you to a lovely new shop in case you still have some Christmas shopping to do.

My wonderful friend Bobbi, who blogs over at The Lazy Designer, has recently started up her very own Etsy shop.

Bobbi runs the most marvellous boutique store in real life in a beautiful part of Italy. She makes and sews the most amazing objects, clothes and jewellery. I keep telling her she should sell her photography too as it's just divine!

Meet Molly. She's a cat, but she is also a throw pillow. She's cute and soft you'll love to cuddle her. Her front body, cheeks and tummy are made with a wool fabric, her eyes and nose with a black cotton jersey and her back body is in black cotton. Her features such as her eyes, nose, tummy and paws are hand stitched with black cotton.

Don't you just love her!?

You can also find lovely jewellery.... can you guess Bobbi's favourite colour by looking around?                                           

Check out Bobbi's fabulous store here. Anything you buy helps support her large furry family who live with her in a little cottage. The more cats Bobbi can help, the happier she is!

I can't believe how talented some people are.

Linda. xox


  1. Linda, I don't have words. You're now officially my Australian publicist! Thanks for all the lovely words and description. I'm speechless.
    So it's summer there right? I'm green with envy. Enjoy your vacation as much as you can!! Relax. 2013 will be a great year to blog. Take pictures of the beach, I'm curious.
    Say hi to Jessie!!!

    bobbi xox

  2. Blogger just put on the same comment twice and I deleted it. Tsk tsk blogger, try to behave.


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