Monday, September 3

This Bedroom Is So Beautiful... and A Big Thank You

Ok, perhaps Bobbi was right in a comment she said a while back on one of my posts.

Maybe her current craving for more neutral and soothing colours is contagious and I've caught it.... because I have to say this bedroom is absolutely making my heart melt.

Not my usual style.

But I just adore it.

The hint of red via the rooftop glimpsed through the window is probably tipping it over into the sublime for me... it gives that pop of bright red I usually crave in spades while the bedroom itself is so calm and soothing.

Maybe my obsession for red is having a mid-life crisis.

Maybe I'm moving into a new phase (which would be an absolute shock because I've been in heart stopping love with red for so long), maybe I'm starting to shed my current 'skin' and evolve into something else.

Who knows! Either way, it's all good and it'll be fun to see what happens.

I feel an experimental redecoration of my place coming on.

Linda. xox

PS. I'd like to thank the 30 or so people who've registered their interest in the Tiny Tidy Challenge!

Woohoooo! (Your invite to the private site is coming out tomorrow)

Go to this page now if you'd like to join with us and participate in a fast, easy, simple way to get some clutter out of your home.

Here's to a happy and healthy home, and a happy and healthy you!



  1. Oh yes, watch out, neutral colors pandemic is coming on! Get you vaccines!

    He he, what's happening to us? I painted two picture frames WHITE last night. They were turquoise. I must be ill.
    This room is so nice, the bed looks so comfy. Even if, to be honest, I would move the bed to another room and have my studio here: look at that window!
    And it's so well decluttered that I guess a Tiny Tider lives here.

  2. Oh my gosh (hand over mouth), what's going on!! Not the turquoise! And, you're so right, what a magnificent studio this would make. Definitely a TTer. ;)


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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