Tuesday, September 11

If Only I Were A Child Again....

I'd want to be here.


I LOVE the fact that there's superb display shelves for books in this children's play area. Every child should have access to beautiful stories and books - don't you think?

Great storage too.

What an amazing space for a child to be in.

In fact, if it were in my home, I'd be in there all day - who cares how old I am!!

Linda. xox

PS. There's quite a few more videos over on the Tiny Tidy Challenge private blog for those of you who've joined. If you look and listen hard, you may even get to hear me sing (which may not be a good thing - lol).

If you haven't joined the Tiny Tidy Challenge yet, there's 53 of us registered, and you can join us by clicking here and following the prompts on the page. :)


  1. Me too! Sometimes I think I would like to have a baby to sew clothes and decorate a room. And buy toys!! I love toys.
    This room is so pretty, I love everything about it. Unfortunately I should get rid of the carpet due to my allergies - and my cats - but everything else would stay right where this decorator put it.

    Off to see the videos!

  2. Oh gosh ... I want to be there too ... children are so lucky to have such wonderful spaces and I'm completely Ok with admitting that I'm a little jealous! :)


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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