Tuesday, August 7

Oh Yes, I Could Relax Here..

I could find peace in either of these bedrooms...

Images from Dust Jacket Attic here and here


Lately, I'm finding I have a real craving to simplify, declutter (even more), and get a lot more textural elements into my home.

Also.... plants.

I've decided I need more plants around me.

I tend to kill house plants, either with love or neglect (I seem to bounce between the two where plants are concerned), but I really feel the need to have their soothing presence around at the moment.

More flowers from the garden or the market too.

I've been sitting with this 'craving' for a few months now to see if I'm hearing it right, and it's still with me. So, that means action.

Taking big action when I get like this usually means a somewhat frenzied culling, re-arranging, and re-decorating of at least one room, but probably more. I think the study is going to be the first to get my attention. It has a more 'frilly' and 'trivial' feel than I need right now.

Right now I need grounding, and connection, and concentration in a purposeful yet relaxed atmosphere. So, there'll be some pink things going and some more earthy colours coming in I think!

I also definitely need to get outdoors more and get amongst nature. I used to spend nearly all of my spare time outside when I was little (mostly up or under trees), and I think I need to find my inner child again so I can regroup and refresh. I'm feeling like I need my peeps around me. My tribe. And for me, that's trees, tall grass, a track under my feet, sun on my face, and clean air in my lungs.

Linda. xox


  1. Funny, i have the same feeling and need. I keep on decluttering but the clutter comes out from nowhere, all the time. But clutter aside, I really need a different decor. Cleaner. I'm, already working on it and it will take me ages. I have started from my super tiny bathoom. I moved the washing machine in a place where I don't see it, because it is broken and not repairable and seeing it made me feel bad. Also, there is much more space in the room now!! Next step, I'll sew a new curtain. And I' ll repaint the ugly mirror left here by the previous owner. More than nine years and I still couldn't get rid of that mirror and buy a new one. Then I'll throw away the shower door and replace it with a curtain. The door is old, broken, and it used to be white but now it's grey. I hate it. I'm writing this long comment because I need you to know what I have to do, so you can check on me and scold me if I haven't done anything. Please.

    1. Wow Bobbi, it sounds like you are well underway with some transformative actions - yay!!! I won't scold you if you don't keep on track, but I'll sure cheer you on!!!! xox

  2. I love these rooms, and especially the fact that they open to lovely outdoor spaces. Like you I miss the outdoors and feel the need to reconnect with nature, surround myself with plants, and breathe in fresh air. Hope you've been able to ground yourself, regroup and refresh. From one of the comments you left on Bobbi's blog I gather you're about to take (or already have taken) a big decision, and from where I'm standing it would seem a really good one! Keep us posted!

    1. I am getting there Sacha.... have been a bit sick lately, and the process of re-arranging a few things kicks in big time on Monday morning!! I'll tell you about it after I've done it. It's a bit of a secret until then. :)

      This year has been a bit of a life experiment, and it's brought great clarity with it, which has been priceless.


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