Friday, August 31

Fearless Fantasy Friday - In The Midnight Garden

A magical, fairy/fantasy sort of room for those who love that sort of thing.

Pics from Nicety via Living Etc.

Very dreamy and ethereal.

Have a fabulous weekend lovelies!

Linda. xox


I'd love you to help me spread the word about the Tiny Tidy Challenge.

If you have a moment, click here for a pre-prepared Tweet to help out.

Thanks. :)

I bet there's plenty of people  out there who could do with the support!



  1. Hey there Linda, Fantastic post as always. Your blog is always a constant source of inspiration for us here at URBANARA. Keep up the great work and we will check back soon!

    1. Thank you Alex! I have looked at your site (a while back), and it was good. :)

  2. lovely, lovely bedrooms.

    I just received the e-mail for the tidy challenge! I can't wait. I also just tweeted about it. I'll remind people about it on my blog about it in a few days. The more the merrier!!

    1. Yay!! Thanks for tweeting! We will hopefully have a nice little group of people to do the Challenge which is great. I'm looking forward to some excellent results for people. :)

  3. Lovely bedroom - I like the dreamy atmosphere and the combination of colours works really well, even though there are some bold colours in there, the whole scheme is still soothing and calm somehow.

    I can't see your little video, it won't let me play it!! :-(

  4. Oh btw - I didn't get an e-mail re the tiny tidy challenge yet, so I'm now wondering whether I gave you the right e-mail address when I signed up a while back?

  5. Oh, what a pain you can't see my little video (it's not that great - lol). I'm not sure what's happening there.

    I checked your email as I had it in the TT list, and it's different to the one that's part of your blogger profile. So, I've sent you an email to that one, plus forwarded the two list emails I've sent out. See if they get to you!!!


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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