Monday, June 11

Monday Mojo..... Something To Remember...

The phrase 'it's a once in a lifetime experience' usually only gets thrown around in reference to massive events or rare opportunities.

But, when you think about it, every moment, no matter how big, how small, how magnificent, or how insignificant, can only happen once.

I think finding joy in the smallest moments can play a part in helping us through the darker ones, and keeping hope alive by finding our inner spark can connect us to inner happiness (or at least give us strength to make it through).

As a friend of mine always says when life's giving him a hard time, the alternative (not having a life to give him a hard time), isn't great.

And, even if I'm having a crappy time of it and I feel like balling my eyes out, I always try to remind myself that at least I can FEEL. I'm alive, and I can feel. I can experience the depths of life (oh the DRAMA of it!!), which makes the wonderful moments all the sweeter.

Happy Monday Lovelies! This week, may you treasure all the moments of your wonderful life, no matter what they are, for they will never come again.

And, of course, 'may your mojo be with you'.

Linda. xox


  1. Very very true. I'm currently in the midst of a very turbulent situation at work, but I keep reminding myself that everything serves a purpose - and that if this situation wasn't unfolding in this exact manner, I might never have taken 'the plunge' to expand my horizon and focus on other things and endeavours. So what if releasing the old is happening in the crappiest of ways - at least it'll make sure I'll be embracing the new wholeheartedly, without wanting to look back.

    Thanks for sharing this - you have a knack of posting exactly what I need to hear. There's no such thing as coincidence is there? Hope your own work situation is better than mine though!

    1. Hey Sacha,

      I was wondering if something was up with you at work after the comments you'd made off and on. I hope you are ok?

      Going through turbulent stuff isn't nice, and it doesn't help much when it's got to do with your work because you have to turn up day after day and keep doing it. It sounds like you are making the most of a yucky situation. Embracing the new isn't always easy, but hopefully we can get to a place where it ends up being worth the journey.

      My job is ok, but it's getting in the way of the creative side of me and the things that really make me happy. I thought I'd be able to do it and keep my online stuff going, plus my theatre work etc, but I can't. I'm too darn tired most of the time.

      The whole experience has been very worthwhile though. The grass certainly hasn't been greener on the other side for me, and I realise how lucky I was. I just hadn't experienced any other kind of work in all my years, and I'm glad I have now.

      I have a friend who is really struggling at work at the moment. Complete overwhelm from a heap of shitty things going on. Her situation is horrible and she can't see a way out. I worry for her.

      I hope those new endeavours work out and the 'new horizons' are full of better things for you. Lots of positive vibes coming your way.

      Linda. xox


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Linda. xx

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