Friday, May 18

Feeling Nostalgic and Re-visiting A Classic...

It's Friday night here, it's cold, and I'm feeling a tad nostalgic.

I just changed the desktop wallpaper on my computer from a lovely lush green forest to a close up of autumn leaves with a beautiful muted red background. All my favourite colours are featured, golds, reds, oranges, rusts, bronze.

And, it reminded me of one of the first ever articles I wrote for this blog talking about one of the reasons I think I like some of these colours so much. It's an important key to the philosophy of my decorating style, so I'm giving the post a new lease of life and rescuing it from my deepest archives.

I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks also to Liv Lane for letting me link up this post with other blissful posts.

What've Two Fields Of Wheat Got To Do With Interior Design?

One of the most distinct memories I have of my youth centres around fields of wheat. I lived in an agricultural area, and spent an awful lot of time riding my bike.

On holidays I'd pack a lunch, disappear for the day, and ride for miles.


Near where I lived were lots of pine tree plantations, orchards, and huge fields of wheat. A real mish mash of plant life! I'd ride down the rutted dirt tracks the tractors used to take, get off my bike and explore.

Wander through the trees and breathe in their scent.

Pick up pine cones.

Hear the twigs crack beneath my feet as I walked.

But some of the moments I loved the most involved two particular fields of wheat.

Either one, if caught at just the right moment, at the right time of year, would reveal the most breathtaking view. They were both massive, and on a day with a warm gentle breeze, at sunset, it was as if the world had stopped and life couldn't get any better.


I'd usually be on the way home from my day of adventuring.

I'd ride up, stop my bike, lean on it, and gaze.

The sunset would slowly spread with the most glorious colours, and light would glint, and sparkle, and roll off the slowly nodding heads of wheat.

And across the whole field an undulating ripple affect would happen, and it would look like an ocean of wisely bobbing heads all swaying to some beautiful, orchestrated, symphony of movement.

There would often be insects humming in the air, and the scent of the wheat, the pine trees nearby (planted as an edge along the other side of the road), and the not too far-away orchards would waft around me.

I'd stay for 10 minutes or so.... breathing deeply, just thinking how brilliant and beautiful the world was. And, then I'd ride on home, feeling uplifted, content, and just plain old happy!

And I often wonder.....

...if those fields of wheat, and the glinting gold, the warm pinks, yellows, oranges, and reds of the sunset, are a big part of the reason I love to use all those colours in my personal interiors.

For many years a sort of buttery yellow colour, or a wheaten sort of colour, were my favourites for walls! I craved the warm, cozy, uplifting, alive, happy feeling they brought me. I'd wrap myself in the colours that brought me joy!

Photos from Country Living

Photo from BHG

Walking into a room with those colours on the walls, plus accents of red, pink, orange, and apple green gave me feelings of happiness akin to drinking in those fields of wheat.

Only a simple field of wheat and a sunset...

From Caranxcaranx via Flickr

and over 30 years ago...

but if I shut my eyes I can see, smell, and feel it like it was yesterday.

A memory that matters - to me.

Ask yourself: 'Are there any uplifting, joyous, simple memories from my childhood that remain as vibrant today as they were then?'

Which leads to: Is there anything (colours, scents, textures) you can take from your memories and entwine in your home's interiors?

Because: Memories matter. Including a reminder of things that matter will comfort and uplift you in a way nothing else can.



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  1. Lovely story and GORGEOUS shots!
    I will be thinking about the answer to your question.......

  2. This has always been one of my favourite posts - great idea to recycle it!


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